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Bangalore, Bangalore, India

Manjula S

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Languages: English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu.

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  • Physical Ailments

About Manjula

Through Yoga I help integrate emotions and elevate spirituality, unfolding the infinite potential of human mind and soul. I follow and believe in what I preach and give cent percent to heal the problems.

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  • Yoga Therapy
Reviews for Manjula

Dr.Nandini - 05 Mar 2017

Consulted for Yoga Therapy

"Manah Yoga" stands true to its name. These yoga sessions have given me relaxed mind and body. It is amazing how as simple as control of our breath can have such a profound effect on our mind, but it is true. Manjula is not just a good teacher but an excellent human being with a very flexible body performing all asanas with ease and inspires and patiently instructs every student with great passion towards improving them.

Sharada - 05 Mar 2017

Consulted for Yoga Therapy

I am Sharada, student of Manjula. I am very much benefited by Yoga. It has helped me to regain health as i was suffering from Menopause constipation for which I am very happy. I am also happy about my Yoga teacher, the way she teaches, the way she encourages us and suggests about Yoga and Pranayama.

Vidya - 05 Mar 2017

Consulted for Yoga Therapy

Yoga has helped me to have better flexibility and posture of my body, a peaceful mind, increased energy and is a good stress reliever. My yoga instructor Manjula is extremely friendly, energetic and passionate. She always gives us good suggestions and tips about our health. She is a good motivator.

Asha - 05 Mar 2017

Consulted for Yoga Therapy

Yoga has brought in a very great change in my health, attitude and personality. I have become flexible, I am confident of taking decisions, I am able to minimize my knee pain and able to control my anger. I need to still work hard and conquer myself. I am sure with Manjula's motivation and support I can definitely achieve it. I believe in "success always lies in the second letter". Manjula is a good listener, good motivator and excellent teacher, she has made us very comfortable in class, the way she explains the asanas & its importance deserves credit. she takes us along with her. In all she is a leader who knows the way, shows the way and leads the way. I am proud to be her student.

Sneha Somanath - 05 Mar 2017

Consulted for Yoga Therapy

Therapy yoga has definitely opened to us a new world of healthy living. Having made it a part and parcel of our everyday life over the past 1 1/2 years, we are happy to see a revived and rejuvenated "New Self" in us. With an expert knowledge of the subject and the skills to be taught, Manjula has instilled in us a love for yoga. Her support and motivation constantly inspires us to reach our best. An added personalized attention by her takes us towards perfection.

Kalpana Rajagopalan - 02 Mar 2017

Consulted for Yoga Theraphy

Yoga as helped me to remove the obstacles that were stopping me from being who I really am, I feel better physically. It has been a great experience of transformation which has been subtle and the impact is profound on both body and mind. My teacher Manjula always inspires me. Apart from being a great mentor, she has shown me time and again that all of us have the potential to accomplish anything and everything we wish to. She teaches me to stay connected to my body and enjoy yoga to the fullest.

Vikas.M - 02 Mar 2017

Consulted for Yoga therapy

One of the Best in the business.

Malathi Valluri - 02 Mar 2017

Consulted for Yoga therapy (Back Ache)

I am Malathi Valluri, Speed was my middle name, i was obsessed with speed in every aspect of life. It caused lot of stress. Intuitively, I knew that “yoga” was the answer for my problem. Yoga brought a paradigm shift. I have learnt to control myself reasonably, there is less stress in life now and moreover I have learnt to treat my body with more respect and love. I am learning to develop mindfulness in every action. Since I am working as a teacher, I am in a better position to appreciate my yoga teacher, Mrs.Manjula.S. She is more of a “Guru” than a teacher. Because she helps us in making life better in all aspects. A good teacher inspires but a passionate teacher like Manjula enlightens the pupils. She leads by example in all spheres of life. We do not do physical exercises in our class, we strive to achieve the external bliss which we all humans yearn for. This is a chance to express my gratitude to my guru and the universe. Thank you.


  • M.Sc in Yoga from S-Vyasa university, Bangalore

  • Yoga Instructor Course from S-Vyasa university, Bangalore

  • Counselling Skills from Prasanna Counselling Centre

  • Pre-natal Yoga Teachers Training at Adyatama Yoga Centre

  • Specialized techniques for Back Pain at Omkar Institute of Yoga