23 Years Experience

2nd Stage, Banashankari , Bangalore, India

Kalashree Anand

(11 reviews)

Languages: English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil.

Expert in Solving

  • Anger Management
  • Depression
  • Infertility
  • Insomnia
  • Mood Swings
  • Relationship Healing
  • Stress
  • Tension
  • Worries

About Kalashree

My approach is to empower and remind each of us of the divine healing light within us. To help each of us Master the mind and subsequently see positive changes in all aspects of Life. To help each of us to vibrate positivity in life and attract all that we need. Ultimately be the guiding loving being to help more people around.

Therapies Offered

  • Angelic Healing
  • Karuna Reiki
  • Kundalini Reiki
  • Reiki
Reviews for Kalashree

Mithra - 04 Dec 2016

Consulted for Reiki Level 1,2, 3A

Kalashree has a lot of experience in the field of alternate medicine and has worked with countless people on several physical and mental health related issues. She is not just a powerful healing channel, but also a wonderful teacher. Her remarkable philosophy of empowering people towards taking charge of their lives and making them understand that they have the capability to heal themselves from within is truly admirable. She has mentored several of us in the path of self-discovery and healing. Her devotion to spreading light around her stems from pure love and compassion that touches everyone around her. She has truly changed a number of lives, including mine. I have completed 3A Master level under her guidance and the entire experience has transformed me into a more positive, calm, and an empowered woman. I am living the life of my dreams, thanks to Kala and Reiki.

Srividya - 14 Sep 2016

Consulted for -

I have known Kalashree for more than three decades now. As it is said, Reiki comes to us when it has to come, I also got introduced to concept of Reiki through a colleague and later in to deeper understanding and formal training by Kalashree. Reiki has changed my life and my thoughts. There has been remarkable change in my life post being attuned to reiki. I have completed Master Level 3A under the able guidance of Kalashree. Kalashree is always available to solve the doubts during practice and helps us with subtle and mature guidance to any issues we face during practice of Reiki. All my thanks to her!!

Akhila - 12 Sep 2016

Consulted for Reiki level 1 and 2

Kala and I were known to each other briefly. It is when my sister suggested me to get in touch with her to learn reiki that we got connected more deeply .. A friend , an angel , a reiki master , a guide , a confidant ... She is all that and more ...

Archana - 12 Sep 2016

Consulted for Angeology workshop

I was introduced to the world of Angels by kala. The session was informative, knowledgable and under this abled guru - kala. Her experience of 19-20 years speaks! The workshop helped me identify my guardian angels, the archangel and other divine angel communication methods. I learnt about synchronicity and the reason behind seeing a particular sequence of number like 11:11 many times. I was surprised when she could tell about my guardian angel so precisely from her meditation techniques. I'm a firm admirer of kala's positivity, divine vibes and the care she takes when we approach het with a problem. Kala love you!

Sindhu Thomas - 07 Sep 2016

Consulted for N/A

Kala and me share a great relationship for over a decade now. Though I knew she was practicising Reiki ever since she was in college, I never really thought about getting closer to learning it. However the non stop miscarriages in my life brought in a lot of depression in me, making me believe that I probably will not have a baby. But with kala's constant mental support, positivity and reiki guidance and of course God's blessing, I was able to carry my baby to term! She is very approachable and always available to help you any point in time. Thanks so much Kala.. You are a true healer.. I am sure you are to reach great heights.. All the best

Sindhu Gnaneshwar - 07 Sep 2016

Consulted for N/A

Reiki came in my life suddenly through my friend and colleague who connected me to my life changer, Mentor, Divine messenger, guide Kalashree. Amidst the chronic depression I was undergoing, without any inhibitions I spontaneously agreed to accept a new phase of life. Honestly when I decided to learn Reiki I had the least clue that I will be getting 100 times of what I wanted. All that I wanted was a way to find happiness back in my life. But unbelievable to say I wished for one and I effortlessly got endless bundles of positive abundance in different ways. Reiki changed me completely as a person. I realized the power of pure and divine love. Love started replacing my ego for lifetime and realized the beauty of being grounded and humble. I learnt to forgive myself, love myself and respect myself, moving ahead to be a fiercely independent woman breaking all stereotypes without anybody’s support. Forgiving oneself helps in liberating a being from all kinds of negativity. For any guidance or confusion, I started just intending and surrendering my concerns with Reiki and let go with a blind belief that Reiki will do the best for me and till date I can say there has been no looking back. The answers come to you instantly or within a certain timeframe but at the “right time”. Reiki helped me in healing relationships. We both as couple started loving each other realizing nothing is great than pure love. As a daily routine I draw all the Karuna Reiki and Usui Reiki symbols for my house, bedroom, husband, myself and my daughter affirming that we will be eternally happy as a family. Needless to say, Reiki was, is and will be with me giving me eternal flow of positive abundance in my life. I will be happy if more people experience and embrace this precious diving knowledge which promises an easy life transformation.

Shubha Prabodha - 02 Sep 2016

Consulted for N/A

I was introduced to Reiki by my Guru and Angel Kalashree. I was surprised to see how my daughter was cured of stomach ache within few minutes and this was a turning point for me. She has guided me in every crucial point of my life and I am blessed to have Kalashree as my mentor. Her expertise in Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Angelogy and lots of moral support have made my life much easier and purposeful. My life has changed for the better with her support and healing. If you all want to be benefitted like me , please connect to her. Thanks and feeling blessed for being in my life as a guide and soul sister. Love you

Janani - 02 Sep 2016

Consulted for N/A

One of the Beautiful person ever I met in my life,Kalashree is so simple and humble person. I got trained the first and second level of Reiki from kala,angryiness is the manything which I have been controlled.There were many new things I learnt,felt blessed to have her in my life. I got connected many beautiful people through kala who I never knew,those beautiful souls just bless me instantly always,it's a family of love we formed via universe.she is the best trainer more than a trainer good friend,good sister.. Lots of love to you kala. Best wishes and love to everyone

Sowmya Bipin - 01 Sep 2016

Consulted for N/A

Angel of my life Kalashree! I met Kala through a Facebook closed group. Its God's blessing in disguise that I met her. Reiki way of healing amazed me, I was curious to know what happens or how is that some one can heal through Reiki. I decided to attend the course, Grade 1. My life changed since then! My work is with lot of stress n with Reiki I started feeling more energetic, confident n now no matter what I know how to manage myself with calmness, I love life, I love people I meet. Kala made me feel comfortable, provided right guidance. I thank her a million times for the great work that she is doing for people!!!

Subashini - 01 Sep 2016

Consulted for N/A

Rekhi is a powerful word by itself. I couldn't think of better person to introduce this amazing self preservation method to me apart from Kala. She's not your garden variety teacher who will give you the basics and mske it very theoritical. Kala's sessions are jam packed with personal stories and combines it with learning from people who come from varied backgrounds and ethencities. It's a start of not only a great friendship but also you get a teacher who is there with you whenever you need her.

Bijal Kothari - 27 Aug 2016

Consulted for N/A

This angel walked into my life way back in 2006 and its been ten years of love and light. Very little did I know when I first met Kalashree that she will make my life so beautiful. I have been able to get over my hypertension kicked it out of my lie ( was on 1 BP tablet for almost 5 years) my Thyroid levels rose to TSH being 100 which is now 2. These are just few examples of how Reiki , Karuna Reiki, Angelogy and a larger amount of support from Kalashree has made difference to my life. I can’t imagine my life without Reiki and Angels. You have carved me into a beautiful being from the stone that I was. I recommend all of you who Want to get carved the way iam today to get in touch with Kalashree. Thank you Kala for lighting up my life and being my soul sister. Blessed to have found you


  • Reiki Master from Lotus Core Nurture Programs

  • Karuna Reiki from Lotus Core Nurture Programs

  • Angelic Healing Lotus Core Nuture Programs

  • Certified Angel Card Reader from Lotus Core Nuture Programs

  • Master in Kundalini Reiki