Alternate therapy describes all treatment practices, therapies and products that are different from conventional medicine. These therapies work with the belief that a person falls ill when something (physical, emotional, or spiritual) is out of balance and hence they target the root cause of the illness as against treating just the symptoms. Practitioners believe that all the parts of a human body are interdependent. If any one part is not working properly, all the other parts also get affected and this creates imbalance (physical, emotional, or spiritual) in their lives leading to illnesses.

A few examples of alternate system of healing are homeopathy, ayurveda, reiki, pranic healing, acupuncture, acupressure, nutrition therapy, naturopathy, yoga therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, and many more. The basic tenet of all these therapies is that the human body is self healing and a person needs to be treated and not the disease.

Alternate therapy can be used independently or along with conventional medicines to help reduce/eliminate ailments as well as reduce the side effects of long term usage of conventional medicines.

Alternate therapy works on the cause of an ailment rather than the symptom and is more holistic in nature. It uses body’s own power to heal.

These therapies are often used to manage ailments better.

There are no specializations in alternate therapy as in conventional medicine since it treats the root of the illness and typically all therapies can help alleviate most ailments to some extent. But there are practitioners who are more experienced in dealing with a particular type of illness and/or have researched in a particular area. Hence we have mentioned their areas of expertise under their listing, which you can find by searching for a particular illness.

We offer video consulting, and if you are not sure of which therapy or practitioner to consult, we have counselors who will talk to you, and based on the pre screening recommend a therapy and practitioner, which is right for you.

You can ask a query to a specific practitioner and based on the response choose an appropriate practitioner whom you think will work for you. You can also refer to client reviews which will give you a fair idea of the practitioner.