13 Years Experience

Sarjapura Road, Bangalore, India

Eshanye K P

(3 reviews)

Languages: English, Hindi, Kannada.

  • She is an intuitive healer who works with integrated therapies depending on where the client issues are coming from. She does a combination of therapy sessions and healing.
  • She works with the client on their core issues and not on the symptoms, and believes in the client being equally responsible for their wellness as she.
  • Expert in Solving

    • Anxiety
    • Children Related Issues
    • Concentration Issues
    • Improve Self Confidence
    • Menstrual Related Diseases
    • Personality issues
    • Pre And Post Surgery
    • Psychosomatic
    • Relationship Healing
    • Spondylitis

    About Eshanye

    I am a psychologist and energy healer. Deep believer of yin-yang (body-mind) philosophy. My approach is to identify the core issue and not to concentrate on the symptoms of the issues. The solutions should be to empower the client to gain the control over their own body and mind to pull up their vital energy which will take care of their body and mind. Hence I mix all the modalities based on the issue of the client.

    Therapies Offered

    • Acupuncture
    • Age Regression Therapy
    • Dorn Therapy Through Spine Alignment
    • Emotional Freedom Technique
    • Family Constellation
    • Hypnotherapy
    • Psychotherapist
    • Redikall Healer
    • Sujok Therapy
    • Tarot Card
    • TASSO Therapist
    Reviews for Eshanye

    Deepti - 31 Oct 2020

    Consulted for Anxiety

    Combination of Redikal and Family Constellation helped me uncover certain ancestral pattern of anxiety that was passed on to me. It was a lovely session, to understand the root issue and heal from there. Thank you healclinic and Esha

    Aliva Panigrahy - 20 Oct 2020

    Consulted for Healing

    I am thankful for the help I received which pulled me out of self detrimental thoughts and showed me the path to look within instead of being dependent on circumstances or people to stay happy and content, thank you Eshanye And Heal Clinic

    LAKSHYA KALYANI - 01 Apr 2019

    Consulted for Inner Child Healing

    It was really helpful and now I feel light, positive, focused and happier than before. Thanks a lot, Esha and Deepti.


    • Transpersonal Regression Therapy from TASSO, Netherlands

    • Clinical Hypnotherapy from EKAA

    • Traditional Acupuncture from Indian Accutouch Medical Institude

    • Advance Redicall Healing from Omnipresence India

    • Dorn Therapy from Academy for Holistic Healing Arts International, Germany

    • Access Bars from Access Consciousness, USA