19 Years Experience

Muthyalanagar, Bangalore, India

Dr. Sudhindra

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Languages: English, Hindi, Kannada.

  • Expert in Solving

    • Arthritis
    • Asthma
    • Diabetes
    • Knee pain
    • Migraine
    • Obesity
    • Parkinson
    • Stress
    • Vertigo

    About Sudhindra

    "After seeing the results by teaching yoga for 2 people who came to my home long back motivated me to continue this. From that day Yoga became my passion & Profession. Along with Yoga Therapy to Some extent i also practice Acupressure, Mind Therapy & energy healing to some extent. "

    Therapies Offered

    • Acupressure
    • Mind & Energy Healing Therapy
    • Yoga Therapy
    Reviews for Sudhindra

    Mathangi - 18 Jun 2017

    Consulted for Stomach bloating and Asthma.

    Dr.Sudhindra is an extremely dedicated person with positive energy and a " never give up " attitude. He worked with me for 3 months and guided me holistically on how I can overcome my asthma and stomach bloating issue . The asanas he taught me and the other dietary tips are super useful . It's not just about performing asanas , but the positive spirit that you inculcate from him that takes you a long way in reaching your health objectives. He never gave up on me .If one method did not yield results, he would come back to me with another one. Today, I have with me a set of guidelines, that I am sure will help me achieve my health objectives. We need to remember that patience, faith and regular practice are the key to such therapies . I was in bad shape ; poor energy levels, leg aches along with asthma and bloating. Now, I have overcome the first two, going positive on the rest. His shavasana techniques are divine. I regularly practice his recorded guided shavasana and can see a huge change in my energy levels. Dr.Sudhindra is extremely dedicated and knowledge able and I am blessed I have his guidance.


    • P.G. Diploma in Yoga & M.Sc in Yogic Science from Annamalai University

    • B.NAT (Bachelor of Naturopathy @ Yogic Science Degree) from Madras University.

    • B.A.M.S (Bachelor of Alternative Medicines) from Calcutta University.

    • Diploma in Yoga from Annamalai University.

    • Authorized Certificate for learning & to teach Yoga from Adi Shankara Yoga Kendra. Bangalore.

    • Reiki

    • Diploma in Counselling and Life Skills