10 Years Experience

6th Phase, Jp Nagar, Bangalore, India

Dr Asharaj P

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Languages: English, Hindi, Kannada.

Expert in Solving

  • Acidity
  • Anaemia
  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Back Related Issues
  • Diabetes
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Infertility
  • Joint Pains
  • Thyroid

About Asharaj

I offer a combination of Patanjali, Ashtanga yoga, Bihar school of yoga, BKS Iyengars yoga. Each individual is treated according to their case history an I also give Yogic counselling during consultation. Along with aasnas, I teach theory so that each client understands the basis of what we are doing.

Therapies Offered

  • Yoga Therapy
Reviews for Asharaj

jyoti - 22 Apr 2018

Consulted for infertility

I first met Dr.Asha at Kamini Rao infertility hospital where i was suggested to practise yoga to make improvements to my existing issues related with fertility. That was the first time i got introduced to the great healing method of Yoga, a gift to humanity that our country should be so proud off. Asha, first understood the issues i was facing and customized a sequences of yoga asanas including breathing techniques. She gave me an introduction to this method of healing and helped me understand how it is connected to our inner wellbeing. The warm up yoga followed by dynamics slowly not only made me flexible and active but felt a sense of wellbeing and being positive and i lost 5 kgs in span of one month of doing yoga after which the issue with PCOD was resolved. With the introduction of surya namaskara, these positive affects only multiplied, my mind was it was in a state of bliss and my body agile, i felt like i had the energy to take on anything. I practiced 108 surya-namaskaras everyday for a month.Before practising yoga, a couple of IVF had failed. During practising yoga i underwent one more IVF and the subsequent cycle i conceived naturally, it was miracle made possible with help of Asha. She always instilled the confidence in yoga system and motivated many in the class to continue to do the practise at home and would encourage others by mentioning of the success stories of those who conceived naturally after practising yoga. I would be lost on the path of infertility treatment if it was not for her. She is a wonderful human being, with high integrity, always wanting to help those who approach her, not money minded like the many we see around. I would highly recommend her for your health issues without a blink of hesitation. Thank you Asha for helping me and being there for me.

Ranjini - 08 Jan 2018

Consulted for Fibroids and conception

I approached Asha for helping me get ready for conception . She made me realised my own potential . I never knew I was capable of doing 108 suryanamaskaras ! She made me to do and feel wonderful about myself . She is one to go to for positive expectations and keeping the hope alive . She’s a good counselor and coach as well. I really liked the interaction and sessions with her . She has so much to offer .She is thorough ,sincere and very focused in her approach and teaching methods. She was also sharing very valuable information as and when required. She also made sure to compensate for classes in case schedules clashed I would be happy to recommend her to anyone who needs services and who is willing to commit to Learning yoga .

Nayana p - 27 Apr 2017

Consulted for Stress thyroid digestive problems

I am Nayana. I am 20 years old. My illness started when I was 13 years old.. I had hypothyroidism and it was above 100. I also had PCOD. At the age of 15 I had kidney failure. I was under dialysis for 1 year . During my dialysis I had lot of stress fear and depressed. My digestive system also became poor. Then I had my kidney transplant. My mom donated her kidney. But I was still under stress and depression. After few months a met an amazing person Mrs Asha at sagar hospital.. I had multiple problems when I met her.. I took many the ripped for thyroid stress and indigestion from her,, I could experience the results within a week .. I had great results through simple therapies which should be practiced regularly.. After I finished my therapies my thyroid came under control my stress level came down . I started having positive attitude... I had many counselling sessions and hypnotic sessions also.. I had great results.. Mrs Asha is like my mother who always gives me correct guidance . She is very simple and very kind hearted and never money minded.. I always thank her for what all she has done for me throughout my life.

Sunitha Karthik - 27 Apr 2017

Consulted for Infertility

Asha’s yoga training helped myself and my husband to a great extent in having a baby. Based on medical reports, doctors had mentioned that there was very less chance of we having a baby. This brought us to consult Asha and we strongly believe that Asha’s efforts on training us on Yoga; her positivity and counseling helped us in having a baby. Asha is not only an expert Yoga Instructor but also a good human being. She has a listening ears and a very good heart to help others in healing their pains through Yoga and other healing techniques.

Anu sam - 19 Apr 2017

Consulted for Thyroid

My main intention to learn yoga was to control my thyroid and to plan my family.Once i started learning and practicing Yoga on daily basis my thyroid is under control and my dosage of medicines has been reduced by Doctor. Earlier i used to feel tired entire day ,feeling heavyness in the body throughout day and due to this my relationship with husband was getting damaged and often our day will end up in argument. Once I started practice Asanas in the morning following with Yoga Nidra ,My day started to be full of energetic and active and our relationships are getting better and better day by day. Thanks to Asha mam for the wonderful training and explaining each and every steps in detail.

Aricha Kumari - 19 Apr 2017

Consulted for PCOS

I was facing problems of irregular periods and was diagnosed with PCOS. I started yoga with Asha. In span of 2months I reduced almost 6-7 kgs which I couldn't have imagined otherwise. Also, weight being the major contributor to my problem I saw positive change there as well. Initially I was too hesitant to stop taking pills, thinking it might get back my problem of untimely periods but you gave me the confidence and yes I observed that those exercises you taught me not only helped in shedding the extra kilos but also cured my issue with my periods.

Smitha Punith - 19 Apr 2017

Consulted for Back Pain

After much debate with myself and other family members I approached Asha to find a solution to my chronic back pain. Even though I was a little skeptical of the benefits of Yoga for my condition and insecure about not being able to get into some of the poses Asha put my doubts to rest from the very first class. With her in depth knowledge of history, culture, philosophy and spirituality of Yoga, Asha thoughtfully selected the right poses, modified and customized Asanas to suit my recovery with constant stress on Breathing. I witnessed significant change in my flexibility and improvement in my strength and endurance. She not only warms you up at the beginning of the session but also cools you down at the end with Yoga Nidra which is very essential. She strikes a great balance between exercise and spirit. She even provides examples of real life stories that she has witnessed or has been a part of to build our confidence. Her spirit, warmth, knowledge and commitment have contributed immensely to my healing and well-being. I am fortunate, honored and privileged to have been Asha’s student.

Swathi Shanmukhan - 19 Apr 2017

Consulted for General health

I started experiencing Yoga under the guidance of my yoga instructor Asha Raj. The early morning classes used to keep me energised for the whole day long. I experienced not only the health benefits that yoga bought in, but also distressed me and proved in to bring in complete positivity. Asha personalised the yoga session as per each individual's health concerns and was successful in addressing them. I used to look forward for her unique relaxation session at the end of every class. Asha Ma'am professionalism and her structured approach in guiding her students is highly appreciated.

Krishan Kapoor - 23 Mar 2017

Consulted for Breathing and cronic stiff bac-kbone

I was suffering from chronic breathing problem and lower back pain since a long time (due to stiffness of my Backbone), which was due to continuous desk work at office and long working hours. Somehow, by the grace of God I came in contact with Dr. Asharaj of Heal Clinic, Bangalore, she took control of my body and prescribed a few yogic “Kriyas and Asana” to make my Backbone flexible and also controlled my breathing problem by prescribing Ayurvedic medicines. Within a reasonable period of time, regular feedback and advise of Dr. Asharaj, I am able restore flexibility and total relief in pain in my backbone. I would like to mention that Dr. Asharaj is very helpful, caring and patient healer while handling patient. I am thankful to her for patient guiding, caring and nurturing attitude towards me during the period of treatment and healing. I wish Dr. Asharaj all the very best for treating and helping people, like she helped me. A big thank to you Dr. Asharaj – Krishan Kapoor (Mobile no.9810988238) New Delhi.

Dr. Sowmya - 12 Nov 2016

Consulted for Infertility

I went to Mrs. Asharaj for yoga when I was desperately trying to conceive. I have practised yoga before but was completely out of touch. She was kind and patient, and always explained and demonstrated the asanas and breathing exercises in lucid detail. After failing several cycles of fertility treatment, I finally conceived spontaneously after 3 months of yoga and pranayama. Needless to say, I was thrilled, and continued with yoga throughout my pregnancy, during which I had no issues at all. I am grateful to have found a great yoga practitioner and a good human being like Asha, and have no hesitation in giving her my highest recommendation.

Ashwila Prakash - 22 Sep 2016

Consulted for Prenatal Yoga

Ms. Asha Raj is an awesome yoga therapist. I was fortunate to have found her during my Prenatal period. Under her guidance I was able to focus on positive mental and physical health which is essential for pregnancy. Her technique is simple yet very effective as she covers every aspect of your development. Her friendly nature and positive aura sure leaves an impact. She has helped me immensely to have a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery. Thank you for being a big part of my memorable journey.

Padmashree Mohan - 21 Aug 2016

Consulted for N/A

Asharaj has been an excellent therapist. Under her treatment my daughter has been able to bring down her thyroid levels and loose weight which was a huge challenge. She has also been instrumental in my husband being able to bring down and successfully maintain his blood sugar levels. Seeing the effectiveness of Asha's treatment i signed up for myself and am very pleased with my progress. I thank her for her commitment and highly recommend her services.


  • Msc in yogic sciences from Svyasa university bangalore. India

  • Diploma in Acupuncture from Dr Bhojraj