Yoga and Pain Management

Pain management is an issue with most of us. It is so easy to take a pill and get relieved in minutes but is it a long term solution? Are we making our problems more chronic? Some times our lifestyle is such that we do not have proper posture, wrong timing of sleep, long hours on toes or sitting on chair. This  gives rise to different types of body pains which cannot be catalogued.

Sneha is a teacher by profession. Her timing, long hours of sitting in a particular position for paper correction and no rest gave rise to pain in the right arms from the shoulder to her fingertips. She consulted a neurosurgeon but the medicines didn’t give her much relief so she discontinued the treatment. She tried a few other natural remedies but nothing gave her relief. Gradually she lost hope to live a normal lifestyle.

When her husband suffered from heart condition, she enrolled herself and her husband for yoga sessions under Yoga expert Dr. Manjula. Dr.Majula designed a plan specifically for them and since they were doing it for the first time, patiently took them through the aasanas, never rushing them. Her constant motivational talks in between the yoga class also helped Sneha to understand the purpose of the different poses and how it will help her in the long run. Slowly her stamina improved. She felt rejuvenated, her pain got controlled and she starting leading an active life.

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Now she regularly goes to her yoga class after school and household work. Whenever the pain starts due to any tedious work or erratic schedule she knows what to do and practices the relevant yoga poses and keeps herself healthy.

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She put in the effort to get her pain in control, what are you doing about your pain? Call us at 8050003237 or register here. We offer online yoga sessions, so you save time on travel.

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