“Yes, we care” just a tagline or a reality…. How important is it for us to know that companies still care?

The software of my phone recently gave up, and I was forced to buy a new phone. Even before it was opened my daughter jumped at it, explored it and in a couple of minutes knew every feature of the phone.

She is like my instruction manual which generally forms part of every electronic gadget that you buy and which we would pour over till a few years back. How times have changed, technology has become more intuitive and we have become more intune to it.

And as this pace increases, so does the usage of internet or online engagements be it transactions or information. And without realising technology (I include internet here) has penetrated all aspects of our lives, and become an intrinsic part, infact more than the people around us. We can live without our family and friends for a few days but one day without Wi-Fi or our smartphone’s….unimaginable!

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Areas which in the initial days we thought would not fall prey to technology since they are highly humanised, like education and healthcare are also getting online. Khan Academy and Practo (no affinity to either of them, just examples) have changed the way these sectors are interacted with. Their metrics show how people are adapting to the new way of dealing with educators and doctors and are more than willing to pay for these services. This trend may soon become a norm.

Call me old school, but in my opinion what companies in these sectors have to do is ensure that there is a human touch behind the technology and the client knows that you care for them. They know that they have recourse to someone behind the IVR lines and online transactions. Because I genuinely believe that even though technological progress may spiral in the healthcare and education sector we will still need a human voice to reassure the client that says “yes we care…..”

This I believe will be the greatest differentiator between a company that does well and one that does not.

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