WeightLoss by Online Video Yoga Sessions

WeightLoss by Online Video Yoga Sessions

Everybody has access to self-help  yoga videos for exercise but the success rates of weightloss are very low. The real reason is that every individual  is different and needs a customized plan to lose excess weight. Weight loss by yoga is a very natural and effective way of treatment. Breathing exercises detox the body, make it active and ready to lose excess fat. “Yoga works on mind, body and soul” says yoga expert Asharaj, who has several success stories of clients losing weight through online video yoga sessions.

Reema (name changed) is a teenager. Like any other kid of her age group, she loves to go to school, passionate about studies and enjoys her life. However one factor stopping her from going all out is her weight. At age 16 she weighs 80 Kg.  She wants to participate in sports but gets tired easily, wants to wear trendy clothes but is not comfortable due to her weight issues.

Reema’s mother was very concerned about her daughters’ discomfort. She encouraged her to start swimming and Zumba classes but Reema was not able to lose even 100 gm after a month of rigorous training.  This upset Reema a lot and she lost the motivation to continue.

Always on the search how to help her daughter, Reema’s mother got the reference of healclinic from her friend. She contacted healclinic and after a detailed discussion with their counselor, agreed to try out Yoga. Healclinic arranged an initial consult with Asharaj, a Yoga practitioner on their online consultation panel. This was required as Asha is in Bangalore, India while Reema stays in Middle East. The initial consult helped her mother understand how yoga would help and create a rapport with Asha.

In the next week, sessions were scheduled between Reema and Asha through video. A total of 15 sessions were recommended, and during the initial sessions, Asha profiled Reema. She suspected Reema to have thyroid disorder and recommended her to get a blood test done. To the mothers surprise, the test came positive.  On Asha’s advise, Reema did not start the medications and agreed to try yoga for the same. Asha designed the online video yoga sessions as per Reema’s health challenge targeting weight loss and thyroid.

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The sessions started off with loosening her joints and removing toxins.

  • After a few weeks breathing exercises like pranayama were introduced to the regime. This started showing results, as Reema started losing weight.
  • After a month, dynamic exercises were included. Dynamic exercises are fast paced yoga exercises which are a combination of power yoga, hatha yoga and astang yoga. These are customized as per the patient’s medical profile and her lifestyle. Reema dedicatedly pursued the exercise routine. She lost nearly 10 kgs in 40 days! With perks of being energetic and healthy. her thyroid levels also came down to normal without medications.
  • Asha then asked her to take a break from regular sessions and try doing yoga on her own to check if she is able to maintain her weight. After a few weeks of practicing yoga on her own Reema was able to maintain her weight.
  • In a couple of weeks regular sessions were started once again, this time Asha started suryanamaskar sessions with Reema.
  • In addition to yoga sessions, she was prescribed a yogic diet for three days which included all natural food items. This yogic diet was given to increase her metabolism. Asharaj tells to all her clients “It’s all in the mind, if you are determined to achieve something then train your mind first”.
  • Reema has been prescribed a maintenance regime to maintain her weight for lifetime.

With proper guidance, counselling and regular practice Reema is now happy and is able to maintain her ideal weight. She has become active and has healthy skin as well as hair. In Reema’s case geography was not a restriction for her and healclinic was able to provide the online video consultation platform to do remote yoga therapy sessions.

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If you also live out of India and have medical conditions which could be similar as Reema, reach out to healclinic by registering online click here.

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