Soul Purpose Reading: What is the purpose of my life?

Soul Purpose Reading are extensive readings that go into the Core Reason for your Birth in this lifetime, What are the Areas you have chosen to master and learn, where are you on your Soul Journey at this point of time, where would your Soul want to head forward, what are the contracts, oaths, vows that need to be cleared, what are your hidden Soul Capacities and what can you co-create in this world.
Most of us are disconnected from the Core reason for this birth. We keep moving from one space to another space feeling lost inside.
A Soul Purpose Reading is designed to give you deep insight into your Souls mission, capacities and qualities and how can you best master in this lifetime.
These readings are transmitted in a highly purified state from the highest realms of unconditional love and carry high vibration energy to activate your potential and energies.
They have immensely helped people in the past and give a clear understanding of what they have come here for and how can they best live a Soul Empowered Life.
Soul reader Anushree does extensive readings and these readings take up to 3 weeks and can address any Soul Purpose related question if you may have.
Her readings are detailed and go in pages depending on what the higher forces wish to tell you about your Soul Purpose at this time. She goes with the flow as the reading is transmitted in higher energy codes and is just a transmitter for those codes and energies via readings.
These readings are deep and extensive and carry a lot of information about your Soul. A Soul is working across time and space and has a definite mission to be mastered before it comes on the planet. For those who are caught between existential and spiritual needs also, these readings can give a deeper insight to the core.
These readings can also contribute to your kids if booked for them, as you can understand their potential in depth from the beginning and align things or decisions as it resonates accordingly.
A lot of people incarnate on this planet to contribute to the society, and are not able to find their real purpose till the end of their lives.
A Soul purpose led life is a life of the Brave and gives an immensely deep satisfaction and fulfillment both to the Soul and contributes to the planet.
A small Extract from a recent Soul Purpose Reading Anushree did :
“This Soul is an accomplished Soul who came on to the planet with prime objective of awakening humanity. By awakening humanity we mean assisting others in moving to a space of Inner light within and project it outwards. The Core and Sole aim of its existence on this planet is AWAKENING OTHERS and in the process awaken ONESELF.
She has started on the path last year and is moving forward in that direction and is yet unclear on what to do, hence the limbo. This path is not easy and will have its own set of challenges. Past patterns and ways of working will have to be let go of and a new set of Consciousness will have to arise. The Consciousness to which she originally belongs and has come here to transmit.
The energy body of this soul now is filled with patterns that have come up as part of cleansing process to be cleared so that the path for new can begin. It’s a change of a lifetime. Never before in this lifetime has she experienced change of this magnitude. This will continue for a year or can shorten depending upon her Sadhna. By Sadhna, it is indicated that she goes deep in her meditation for more hours roughly 3-4 and even more at this point. This will give her the strength she needs in her energy body and stillness required to move forward. The depth of clearance required can only be attained by attaining the strength and stillness within. And that’s what she needs to focus on at this point. Single pointed sadhna that helps her clear and move higher in consciousness. The hours will reduce as she moves on in further years, but this year is critical for the changes she is undergoing both from cosmic and physical perspective. She is yet not accustomed to the idea of going deep within. Her subconscious blocks her at moment, but when has it been easy for Soul to dive deep within without overcoming the Maya or Illusion of thoughts, restlessness or priorities. Mind will play games, we suggest go within. “
Always felt restless or confused about what am I doing in this lifetime, or wondered what was the purpose of my birth, Soul Purpose Reading can help. Contact us at  or write to us at or call us at +918050003237 / 9740773237.

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