Origin of Reiki

Reiki therapy originated in ancient Japan and was used for reducing stress and induce healing. The word Reiki is a combination of Japanese words – ‘Rei’ which means ‘God’s Wisdom/the Higher Power’ and ‘Ki’ which is ‘life force energy’.

So, Reiki means “spiritually guided life force energy.” The energy is known as ‘Ki’ in Japan, ‘Chi’ in China and ‘prana’ in India. Reiki was re-discovered towards the end of the nineteenth century by Dr. Mikao Usui of Japan. For his contribution towards this Emperor Tenno honoured Usui with a doctorate degree. Dr.Hayashi became the second grand master post the death of Usui. Madam Takata became the third grand master and took Reiki to the western hemisphere.

Reiki is a way of generating energy from the universe. It’s used for release for stress, to improve performance in sports, for different health and life issues.

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Science behind the therapy that Reiki provides

The entire concept of Reiki therapy is based on an idea of “life force energy” which flows through our body, helping us to live our life in a positive manner.

According to the concept of energy, low levels of “Life force Energy” make us feel sick and stressful and high levels of life force energy enable us to live a stress free and enjoyable life. Reiki treats the mind, body, emotions and spirit leading to many positive effects such as feelings of relaxation, well-being, and peace.

Reiki works with energy flow transferred to the person undergoing Reiki technique in the right places at right amounts; this occurs without the conscious intervention of the Reiki practitioners. The best thing about Reiki is that the energy of the healer never gets depleted.

According to a research done by Becker and Zimmerman, the principle of Reiki healing is that the brain wave patterns of the practitioner and the receiver become synchronized in the alpha state, which is characteristic of deep relaxation and meditation. The estimated number of Reiki practitioners in India is over 3,00,000.

Distance Healing through Reiki:

Did you know that Reiki healing is as effective when given remotely as when it is by touch method? Since Reiki works on the principle of energy it’s not limited by distance or time, hence it can be performed remotely. Distance Reiki also helps in keeping the privacy intact for the client.

The client would be in their home or hospital or any other location. The distance does not matter, it could be a mile or 12,000 miles because Reiki can transcend any distance.

Distance Reiki is performed using any of the three techniques – use proxy, use visualisation or use a projection of reiki energy. The person receiving energy should stay alone in a quiet place undisturbed for maximum benefit.

How does this happen, watch our Reiki grandmaster Ashwita talking about how Reiki is given distantly.

Benefits of Reiki healing

Many scientific studies show that Reiki can reduce pain and anxiety in many patients. Reiki does this by unblocking chakras.

Reiki can also help in important events like wedding, driving test, exams, competitions, job interviews, dental appointments.

Reiki affirmations

In Reiki technique, the Reiki energy flows through the practitioner out of his/her hands/palms to the person who’s is being given Reiki therapy.  The practitioner then moves their hands across the person’s body generally starting from the head and moving down towards the feet in case of hands on session or send energy remotely in case of distant healing.  

Types of illness cured

Clinical trial research and investigations suggest that Reiki can be helpful in

  • curing anxiety and stress in many diseased conditions such as cancer, patients with sleep disturbances
  • patients undergone colonoscopy
  • cancer patients who underwent Reiki therapy experienced improved pain control, sleep quality and reduced anxiety.
  • Reiki can be a useful therapy for children with increased stress levels and sleep disturbances

Care to be taken while receiving Reiki

Recipients should note that, reiki will facilitate healing only if they allow it to and hence should always trust and acknowledge the flow of reiki. In some cases, immediate results may not show up and hence recipient needs to practice some degree of patience, trust and persistence with utmost love and gratitude.

While receiving reiki,

  • Recipient should honor the instructions given out by the Reiki channel.
  • Recipient should always trust and acknowledge the flow of Reiki with utmost love and gratitude since it will always manifest the divine intention
  • If the recipient is emotionally and or physically distressed, Reiki channel can engage in counselling / coaching session with the recipient to provide instant relief on Reiki
  • Recipient can additionally be engaged in self discipline and practice on affirmation , meditation and creative visualization to further accelerate the healing
  • Reiki also complements other healing methodologies like Allopathy, Ayurveda etc.

Hence, check with the Reiki channel on how better the integrated healing can be set. 

Since, Reiki will scrub the soul of emotional debris, the recipient may witness emotional swirl or turbulence. It is requested that the recipient understand that these are the old emotions that are coming to surface and are getting released and hence the recipient should be patient and offer utmost trust to the Reiki. However, the recipient at any point is free to backout and stop the flow of Reiki

Examples from everyday world

Water can be a perfect example of Reiki energy. While gardening we consider watering our gardens without controlling the flow or direction of water. Demand and supply is balanced automatically by nature. The same happens with Reiki energy which flows freely from healer’s body to the recipient just like free-flowing water. The flowing energy moves from one body to another and soothing effects such as reduction of pain and anxiety can be seen.

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