Reiki and Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics and Reiki both use the Universal Life Energy.   Dr Parimalareiki expert explains the relation between the two in this article.

In Physics, we have studied all matter are microscopically composed of atoms. The Atoms in turn are divisible in to sub atomic particles of Electrons, protons and neutrons and now a newly discovered one Higgs boson. Though, these sub atomic particles are the minutest to form matter, as of today, scientists still are not able to declare definitely that this is the final. That is, as Higgs boson and leptons were discovered off late(though these particles were suspected in 1960s only but still proclaimed officially only recently, 2013).

These sub atomic particles, according to quantum physics are packets of energy and hence charged. However there are also particles which are not charged(tau neutrino and muon neutrino with no net electric charge) and hence much stabler than the ones which are charged.

When we say charge here, its meant as possessing either a negative(-ve) or net positive(no negative) charge. As spiritually too and also in materialistic science we say, absence of light energy is darkness; there is no separate entity as darkness. So when a particle has no net charge, it must be balanced that is having equal number of negative and positive charges which nullify each other.

Now seeing this in light of our body running Chi/prana Shakti, as stated earlier it is distributed all over this body and keeps all organs, tissues and microscopically all cells functioning. The organs are in good health when the prana energy is balanced in all tissues and cells forming it. When there is excess or some form of deficiency in this energy in the cells-their functioning is impaired, which impairs tissue functions and in turn the organ dysfunction results.

“Adhikam Amrutam visham”, excess of nectar/elixir is also poisonous. Thus whether the energy is in excess (for eg in ADHD, mania-bipolar disorder, OCD, hypertension etc) which is evident in Vata predominant, primarily Rajoguna individuals; is also harmful. Similarly deficient Prana Shakti as in autism, infertility-oligo or azoospermia, depression etc is also problematic and hence to be remedied.

Many are of the misconception that Reiki is used only in case of deficient Chi energy and it cures only energy imbalance. But this thinking is wrong, Reiki not doubt restores the energy balance but is even useful to sustain and maintain free flowing of energy. Balance and stableness is required at all times to remain steady and going.

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It can be quoted here “samattvam yogam uchyate” from Sri Bhagavadgita, that Yoga itself equilibrium/equanimity.

Yoga, defined as chitta vritti nirodah, activity to control the chitta(intelligence)/brain work, aims at establishing equanimity in ups and downs of life alike. We should be able to treat the pairs of opposites, deficiency or excess equally; without getting imbalanced or worked up mentally.

Reiki, which also is a form of therapy tries to launch equilibrium of the Prana Shakti and channelize the excess energy to deficient areas, as well help in efficient utilisation of this energy for better Health(physical,mental and emotional).So for those, who are reluctant to believe any Alternate forms of medicine, discarding them as without logical proof; this explanation and the glaring similarity of Reiki with quantum and material sciences will serve as a proof.

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