Puncturing the acupuncture myths

Puncturing the acupuncture myths

No one likes taking an injection, vaccinations are a child’s worst nightmare. But why do we still go through it? Because it is effective and necessary. Acupuncture causes a fright of needles in most people and they shy away from the treatment for their personal inhibitions but the myths around the subject are far from reality.

This post will clear all your doubts on the subject of acupuncture.

Myth 1# It’s painful

Fact: It doesn’t hurt at all. Yes, it uses needles (single-use pre-sterilised) for treatment but the needles used are super fine and one would not feel more than a pinch/ mosquito bite when the needles are inserted. Any discomfort if any fades away in a few moments. The experiences that people feel are tingly, electric, warm, and heavy. But they are considered signs of healing.

Myth 2# Acupuncture is only for pain

Fact: World Health Organisation (WHO) has recognised acupuncture for being one of the most effective ways of healing pain caused by several ailments but the scope of acupuncture does not end there. Actually it is proven quite effective for treating menstrual irregularities, insomnia, stress, anxiety, digestive disorders, asthma to name a few. It is always a good idea to check with the acupuncturist if the problem you are dealing with can be healed/ helped by using Acupuncture.

Myth 3# Acupuncture does not work

Fact: These are general statements passed around by non-believers or people who haven’t taken the treatment or have taken just one session and have ruled it out. Take for example, if you have a chronic pain for a while now, you can’t assume for it to go away with just one session. Consult with the therapist how much time an ailment would take and the frequency of treatment required.

Myth 4# Acupuncture interferes with the conventional medicine/ treatment

Fact: There is no proof what so ever about this. Acupuncture does not intervene with the line of treatment or medicines advocated by doctors. It can in-fact speed up the process of healing. You will find that doctors’ advice patients to consider acupuncture for pain management.

Myth 5# Acupuncture has side effects

Fact: It has no side effects. You can continue all your daily activities and routines without any problem. An American study shows that acupuncture triggers brain functions that produces endorphins (body’s natural ability to manage pain) and promotes immunity.

Myth 6# Acupuncture is a lifelong treatment

Fact: Once you start acupuncture the therapist generally draws out a treatment plan for the patient. Some problems require lesser sessions where in some cases require more. It depends from problem to problem. But one is never endlessly on acupuncture treatment for the same problem. People feel much healthier and find their ability to fight ailments better after acupuncture, as it works for well-being of the whole body.

Hope this clears most of the doubts you may have about this ancient method of healing and curing.

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