Migraine headaches are under control by homeopathy

Client story about how homoeopathy treatment brought a migraine under control

A migraine is an important health issue these days. It is a condition where you suffer from a severe headache which cannot be ignored or sustained. Migraine causes can be reduced sleep, stress, environment related like extreme climatic conditions. Every migraine attack is different and could have varied triggers.

Shushma is a professional and a married modern woman with a kid. Her daily activities revolve around managing household work, office responsibilities and giving attention to kid and family needs. She always had less time for herself. Erratic schedules and work-life balance took a toll on her health.

Her eating schedules changed on a daily basis due to  work pressure. Many days she used to sit for long hours on a chair without any movement. With high screen time and work profile which involved high pressure due to coordinating between different departments and deliver things on time. She used to often complain of migraine attacks. Her main trigger points were acidity due to long gaps between meals, travelling in sun and stress. She took allopathy treatment for a few months but it only gave her temporary relief, she needed a long-term solution to solving the reoccurring problem. She turned her faith to homoeopathy based on the reference of her friends and family.

The homoeopathy doctor took the entire history and suggested her to alter her lifestyle with regular dosage of homoeopathy medicine. Early results came in quickly. Initially, during the treatment whenever she felt that a migraine attack is coming then she used to take a painkiller and would get relief. In due course of homoeopathy treatment regularly and following lifestyle changes she got relief from a migraine generated effects like drowsiness, blackouts, nausea . With six months of  treatment, her migraine has come under control and the frequency of occurrence reduced drastically. Now she enjoys her daily schedules and responsibilities with ease.

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