Integrated approach for emotional and mental health

We live in a world where mental health is gaining as much importance if not more than physical health, and rightly so. In physical health the wounds are visible, people show sympathy and there are doctors treating specific ailments. But when it comes to the mind, it is intangible and invisible in the sense that nobody not even the person suffering realises early on that he/she is going through a mental imbalance.  And that according to me in the biggest tragedy of mental health.

And today especially with no work life balance and constant exposure to technology, the risks of mental health have increased manifold. It is imperative that we change the narrative around mental health and make people aware that physical, emotional and mental health are interlinked. Issues in any one area are not in isolation. Professional and financial success is not an indicator that a person is doing well health wise. This is true, especially as we see many celebrities in India and globally come out with their battles with mental health. It took them time to identify what they were going through and the fact that they need help.

Then what about us common people who have no/limited access or resources to experts and spaces where our issues can be addressed, or more importantly problems identified. And our experience with talking to individual clients and corporate show that there is no single approach that can help, as different people respond to different modalities.

At healclinic we work in the mental and emotional wellness space, wherein we do group engagements, individual sessions and counselling helpline. All 3 integrated help individuals to start conversations on mental health, recognise signs and symptoms and address the same with their peers and experts.

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So, if you are looking at addressing the problem of emotional and mental health which can start out with something as simple as anxiety, fears, stress, blood pressure, sleep issues, social media addiction, get in touch with us at + 91 8050003237 and lets start the conversation.

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