Inspiring Story of Weight loss by Diet and Nutrition

The phrase “stress eating” is a hard reality of today’s urban lifestyle. During stress, the effects of high-fat, sugary foods also called as “comfort” foods seem to counteract stress — and this contributes to people’s stress-induced craving for those foods.

Rekha Basu is a case where being a mother to young kids and busy with her day to day activities had taken its toll on her. She turned to food for comfort and became an emotional eater. Her weight rose from 65 to 80 in a matter of months. With weight increase came the feeling of low energy, low self-esteem and mood swings. One day while trying a new dress, her usual size didn’t fit her and she saw this fat ugly unhealthy looking person staring back from the mirror of the changing room. Rekha didn’t recognise this version of her, and on top of this, a close relative had commented on her size in social media. She then decided to take charge of things and was bent upon getting back into shape. Losing weight wasn’t her number one priority, feeling like her own self-was the driving force which led her.

When you want something with full heart and soul, the eternity helps you to achieve. As luck had it, Rekha stumbled upon the reference of Nutritionist Nidhi Nigam from a common friend. She saw this as a signal and took her first consultation. Ms Nidhi let Rekha do all the talking and asked her questions that led her to understand what exactly Rekha was going through and the reason behind her all the weight gain.

Ms Nidhi put Rekha on a three-month program, where her diet plan changed every week. Rekha would update Ms Nidhi on her status and if the diet or nutrition didn’t suit her, it was changed to another alternative. Rekha was advised to start with a slow gradual walk for 15-20 min which she had to increase to 45 min brisk walk, as she felt comfortable.

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Weighloss by proper diet -consult healclinic practitioner
Weight loss by proper diet

The first two weeks were difficult as the diet restricted unhealthy food habits, which Rekha had become used to. Her own dedication and Ms Nidhi support, made her go through the first month of the program with much ease. She has lost 4 kilos of weight and gained a lot of lost confidence. The increase of fruit and salads in her diet, made her skin glow. This gave her immense trust in the program and mush needed affirmation to carry on with the rest of the program with great enthusiasm.

The three months passed by swiftly and Rekha end results were no less of a miracle. She has lost a whopping 16 kgs of weight was fitting into clothes that were hanging in her closet for the longest time.

Her mood swings had disappeared, stress was gone and being depressed had become a thing of past. She thanks, Ms Nidhi for this new profound life and could not be any happier. “Health is in fact wealth” are her words after tasting the nectar of wellness.

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