Finding a Happy Healthy Green Routine

What do you associate with World Environment day or Go Green?

Speech on how you can conserve resources on earth, save animals and plant trees. A large majority of us would forget what they heard in a day or so and go back to their daily work. Or a certain portion of us would say that this problem is too big to solve, how can we help at our levels, so lets forget it.

This is what I was discussing with a friend of mine, when we were asked by a corporate to do a workshop for its employees for the ‘World Environment Day”.   We did not want to do the usual and were debating how we can do something which will help people understand environment in a personal way and make them take action immediately. Else there was no point in doing the workshop.

We realized that since the word environment brings about an imagery or a vision of a large geography typically at a world or the country level that everybody takes a step back. Since it looks too big to tackle at an individual level. But what if we changed the way we looked at the word itself and made it personal.

We decided to go with this meaning of the word, Environment also means “the surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates.

And once we change our perspective of the word, the whole concept changes. Because the surroundings or conditions in which we live starts not with whats happening in other parts of the world or the country or the city, but with ourselves. Our physical body, the mental make up that we have and the emotions we decide to have on a daily basis.  For these create the conditions in which we live in or operate. And hence, going green is in our own hands, how we deal with ourselves, the day to day thoughts that we encourage, the emotions that we decide to feed and the decisions that we take about ourselves and our immediate surroundings. Going green at an individual level thus means keeping our body healthy by eating right and exercising, concentrating on our mental growth and most importantly keeping our emotions happy and joyful. What do we achieve by doing this?

  1. When we take care of our diet, we automatically eliminate junk food and eat healthy, which means we are buying less of junk and decreasing demand for the same.
  2. When we exercise, our body releases chemicals called endorphins, which triggers a positive feeling in the body, which makes us happy and less irritated and angry at others, thus eliminating a lot of toxic conversations and emotions
  3. As we do activities, concentrating on our mental growth, we are more constructively engaged with our surroundings and begin to live more consciously.
  4. Looking after ourselves emotionally helps us take better decisions for self, our family and in turn for our surroundings which is nothing but the environment.

Once we start living a conscious life, we start becoming aware of our immediate environment and our interaction with it changes. 

For example, when I start eating healthy and become aware of what I am eating, automatically my serving size becomes smaller. I prefer to take multiple helpings instead of filling my plate and then wasting food.

When I start respecting myself and who I am, I start respecting others and my surroundings, which means I don’t litter when I am traveling but prefer to look out for a dustbin, or if there is none, carry it back home and throw in the dustbin.

These may seem like small initiatives, but if each one of us takes responsibility of ourselves and our immediate environment it would go a long way in creating a green and healthy world.

So what are you doing today to have a Healthy Green Routine?

We recently ran a workshop for a corporate on Finding a Happy Healthy Green Routine” where through a combination of theory, activities and discussion we covered how to develop a connection with your immediate environment, how to make better decisions for environment we live in, how to live with heightened senses so that we connect better with our surroundings and more.

If you are interested in this workshop, do call us at 8050003237 or write in to us at, we would love to partner with you.

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