Energy Healing Myths: Is healing a magic pill?

A disturbing trend which we have come across at Healclinic is young people in their 20’s having relationships issues. Scarier than the issues they are facing is the fact that they call us to sort out the other person.  A typical call will be, “Can you help get the other person come back to me?”. No one is willing to take responsibility for the relationship not working out, it is so much easier to just blame the other person.

The more we interact with these groups of people, we realise that there is no word like adjustment or compromise in their dictionary. They expect things to work out the way they want it to and for the other person to fall in line with that. And since both partners expect that, obviously the relationship has no future. But when that happens, they are still not willing to let go and move on. They want the other person to change by hook or crook and come back to them. And when they exhaust all other options, they give us a call, expecting our healers to work magic on the energy of the other person to make things work out.

Here I would like to break a few healing myths especially with respect to relationships,

  • A healer works on the energy and aura of an individual after explicit permission from that person. So, you cannot give permission to the healer to work on any other person except yourself.
  • There are no guarantees in healing as to the result of the healing. It works for an individuals’ highest good. If the relationship is not meant to be, things will not patch up. But yes, what healing will do is ease the emotional turmoil and help you deal with the separation better.
  • In healing, unlike in medicines, you need to work on yourself. While receiving healing, emotions and memories get triggered within you which must be dealt with and taken ownership of, for the healing process to be effective.
  • Healing is not a quick fix or a magic pill,  it takes time, and you need to be patient as along with the healer you peal one layer of emotions after another. Time taken differs from individual to individual depending on many factors like the depth of the issue, your karmic pattern, how much you are willing to work on the issue and others.

So next time you come to us or to anybody for healing, please keep the above points in mind and do not expect magic from the healer. If a healer promises anything more than the above, you may need to explore the therapy with somebody else.

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