Deepti’s Diary


Deepti’s passion and belief in living a holistic life and working with emotions which are generally the root cause of imbalances in life led her to start Healclinic in 2016.

She is an MBA (finance), NLP coach, life counselor and reiki master, with extensive experience in strategy, operations and client delivery in corporate.

She has many success stories with energy healing in her family itself, and strongly believes in the power of holistic healing. is her attempt to help people live a life of potential and possibilities and move away from absolutes.

Today Healclinic is leading the way in making energy healing  accessible and relatable to everybody and also making t part of the healthcare ecosystem. 

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Deepti’s Dairy are her musings and learnings from her daily life, be it entrepreneurship, healing world or any other area as people and learning from them most intrigue her. 

Does working = financial independence for women?

When a girl educates and starts working, we celebrate that an independent woman is born, one who can take her own decisions and make her choices.  In the eyes of the society, she is financially independent and can spend where and how she decides. As a coach working with women and as part of healclinic

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The everyday patriarchy of the society we live in

The #Metoo movement hit India a few months back, with many brave and courageous women putting themselves out there. Result, unsurprisingly most of the accused men are back to work, with no repercussions while the women are being shamed and given no work. Why unsurprising, well because at the end of the day we do

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mental health

Integrated approach for emotional and mental health

We live in a world where mental health is gaining as much importance if not more than physical health, and rightly so. In physical health the wounds are visible, people show sympathy and there are doctors treating specific ailments. But when it comes to the mind, it is intangible and invisible in the sense that

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Are VC’s the new age NGO’s for the middle class?

Recently I read in a newspaper that Uber’s losses top $1 bn in its latest quarter (3 months), it has never made a profit and yet it is targeting a valuation of $120 bn next year. The company will complete 10 years of operations in March 2019, and have some big names (VC companies) as their

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