Deepti’s Diary: Why is health everybody’s last priority?

What happens when you fall sick or have a niggling ache or pain, you go to a doctor, get some medicine and continue with your day. Finding out why it happened is not important as the medicine has taken care of it for now.

Whenever I speak about health to anyone, it does not seem to be on their priority list. Most of us are so busy with home, work, and then the social commitments that health issues are postponed to the next weekend and then to the next and so on.

Why is it that small issues when they crop up are not looked into till they turn into emergencies or severe enough that we can postpone no longer.

As I dive deeper into this issue, I am realising that we seldom think that we will fall seriously ill. Most of us don’t plan or think about the fact that illness can hit us also, it is always reserved for the neighbours or a colleague. Once we fall ill, then we start visiting all types of hospitals and doctors to get second and third opinion. It is similar to my experience of working in insurance, where people don’t think or plan for death for that is also something that happens to someone else.

We don’t realise that if we take care of our health as a daily part of our life, then we will in most probability not reach the emergency situation. But the fact remains that we have become used to living with aches and pains and not being at our optimal energy. We do not know what it is to live in a state where we are full of energy and fully living.

So it is important to first know what does health mean to you? Because we want good health not for the good health but for what we want to do or feel when we are at our optimum health. For example, for me health means freedom – freedom to lead my life the way I want to, to do the many things that I want to. So, keeping that in mind good health is not just absence of illness for me, but it means that I should be at my optimum energy levels physically, mentally and emotionally. This is what drives my actions.

So, think about it, “What does health mean to you?” And in the answers you will find your path to good health.

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