Yoga therapy to combat stress

Yoga is a true science and truest science were the words of Dr.Shalini when asked about her experience with Yoga. Dr Shalini is the mainstream doctor by profession and leads a very hectic work life.

yoga to combact stress by consulting healclinic

She is a mother of two and has to travel to the nearest town every day for her work. Although she leads a very busy life with a packed schedule, she has successfully managed to do all this without being stressed. She gives all the credit to Yoga and her Yoga Guru Dr Sudhindra, who is an expert in the field of therapeutic Yoga.

It all started when Dr Shalini had just delivered her second baby and was looking for a yoga class for her elder child. She came across Dr Sudhindra Yoga Therapy Classes, in her neighbourhood, who was highly spoken of by her neighbours and friends. She joined the classes herself, initially as a means of exercise and some form of physical activity. She had borderline gestational diabetes and gestational hypertension which continued to persist even post pregnancy. As a working professional and mother to a newborn, she was under a lot of emotional distress. Dr Sudhindra studied her case in detail and designed a yoga program to suit

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The program was designed for three months which consisted of an hour of yoga class consisting of asanas, meditation and relaxation. Within a few classes, Dr Shalini started feeling the changes that Yoga was doing to her mind and body. She found herself much calmer and experienced elevated energy levels. Fatigue and tiredness which had become a part of life began to fade away. This gave Dr Shalini a new belief in Yoga. In two months, her gestational diabetes and hypertension got completely cured.

The treatment comprised of following:

Yoga Asanas (Yoga Exercises)

It is essential not to feel strained during the practice. Do bending and stretching, only to limit which your body allows. With regular practice, the body will gain flexibility and the posture/ performance of asana will improve. It is most crucial to relax in between asana by doing Corpse pose/ Shavasana. One should be aware of his/ her breathing throughout the practice.

·       Pawanamuktasana

·       Butterfly

·       Side twists

·       Boat row pose

·       Churning the mill pose

·       Squat & Rise pose

·       Salutation pose

·       Thunderbolt pose

·       Tiger pose

·       Child pose

·       Sun salutation- slowly

·       Back stretches

·       Cobra pose

·       Half spinal twist

Pranayama (Breathing Exercises)

Pranayama follows the practice of asana. The breathing exercises are:

·       Alternate nostril breathing

·       Humming Breathing

·       Bellows Breath

·       Full Yogic breathing

Relaxation and Meditation:

Yoga Nidra to be done daily. Om chanting meditation.

Diet and Nutrition:

Some lifestyle changes are required to keep diabetes and hypertension in check. Foods high in sugar or salt are to be avoided. Snacking on fruits/ salads is a good option. Every every 2-3 hours. End the day with a warm glass of milk and keep moving throughout the day time.

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Being a doctor by profession, her belief in yoga did not come naturally. She had experienced the results but wanted to know what happened to the human body scientifically when yoga was practised. The research she found stated Yoga works on the core of the nervous system, which works in correcting the body . The nervous system controls all the functioning of the body which when disrupted brings imbalance and abnormalities in the body. So when you start directing at correcting the core function system of the body, the natural healing from within starts balancing out the problems.

Dr.Shalini feels like a new person. Yoga has become a key part of her life. She regularly practises Yoga and meditation and suggests everyone to give Yoga a try. Now her mantra for balancing work and personal life is ‘Minimum Effort, Maximum Output’. You can reap a lot of benefits from yoga when practised under the guidance of a Yoga practitioner.

Dr Shalini is a great case study where a program was designed specifically designed to counter the issues she was facing. Dr Sudhindra did not just help her by taking her physical ailments away but has shown her a new way of life. Yoga is truly for the mind, body and soul.

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