Client Story: Unbearable Pain during Periods

Period pains are something which most women go through. Infact this is a standard sermon given by mothers to their daughters who have reached puberty that this is one pain they have to bear through most part of their life silently. They cannot expect sympathy or the household work to stop just because they are in pain for something that is god given.

Laxmi had a similar story to tell, who since she remembered suffered the pain month on month without any complaints. But the last 5 to 6 years the intensity of the pain had increased severely. This had made her irritable, stressed out and tense. This had started affecting her day to day activities and unless extremely important she would stay at home those days.

When she shifted from Chennai to Bangalore, a neighbor recommended Ayurveda to Laxmi. On her neighbor’s recommendation, she went to Dr. Divya Pai.

In Laxmi’s words, “Doctor was very friendly and I felt like she understood what I was going through. She gave me oral medicines to be taken twice a day. The medicines had no side effects and I was comfortable taking it. Over a period of time the pain reduced and gradually totally subsidized. It took nearly one and a half years but today I am not scared when my periods approach as it is just another day for me”

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As per Dr. Divya, “The time taken for healing of a disease differs from person to person. It depends on how imbalanced the doshas of the individual are. As per Ayurveda when the doshas are not in equilibrium (doshas are reduced or aggravated) it leads to diseases. Example, if the pita dosha is aggravated, the pain is accompanied with a burning sensation whereas if the kapha dosha is aggravated, the pain is accompanied with a kind of heaviness. How soon an individual is cured, depends on the extent of aggravation.

Typically I recommend a diet change along with medicines (avoid certain food items especially spicy food). Medicines alone do not help if food intake is wrong because certain foods can lead to further aggravation of dosha. Then the treatment has to not only deal with the illness but also the continuous aggravation. The other factor which affects the treatment time is the history of allopathic medicines which the patient has been taking. The Ayurveda medicine has to also normalize the side effects of the medicines. So in short the time taken to cure depends on a lot of factors like the illness, previous medical history, conventional medicines taken, sleep pattern, food intake, lifestyle, etc.”

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Laxmi, after seeing the results of the Ayurveda medicines is now a regular with Dr Divya. She has recently started consulting her for dry skin especially on her hands and face. Dr Divya is treating her with an Ayurveda facial ointment which has started showing results in a couple of weeks.

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