Slip disc and chronic pain healed using acupuncture

Dr Mangala success story- a young woman treated for slip disc and chronic pain using acupuncture

Spinal disc herniation, also known as a slipped disc, is a medical condition affecting the spine in which a tear in the outer, fibrous ring of an intervertebral disc allows the soft, central portion to bulge out beyond the damaged outer rings

Source: Wikipedia

Shobha, a grapho therapist, had a fall and cracked her tail bone way back in 2001. She used to encounter pain that would come and go in intervals. Being a therapist herself, she managed to keep her pain away by graphotherapy.

This was not the end, as  she was diagnosed with slip disc in the lower back. The pain intensity started increasing so much that it started affecting her physical abilities like difficulty in walking, she had to literally drag herself to walk. Not able to sit, bend, and stand for long and generally not able to perform tasks which were very small were causing her physical pain and emotional distress. Depression was another battle that Shobha was dealing with.

A core believer of holistic science, Shobha met with Dr.Mangala, an expert in acupuncture to get relief from her pains. Dr.Mangala studied her case and came out with a  treatment plan customised for her.

The treatment

Shobha underwent an initial treatment for 15 days to ease the pain as the severity of the pain had multiplied over the past 15 years. The sessions continued for another three months, where for the first few weeks Shobha was given treatment every day. The sessions gradually reduced to alternate days and later on once in a week, until she recovered completely.

Shobha now enjoys a normal life like you and me, free from all the problems and issues slip disc had brought along. When asked what worked for her, she replied “I had total belief in the system and I had complete trust that the treatment will work. A combination of grapho therapy and acupuncture helped me with depression and in combatting slip disc”.

Many people suffer from this health condition and are looking out for a cure here is a success story of a person who got cured. This might encourage people to go and get the treatment rather than suffering for a lifetime.

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