Child wheezing cured by homoeopathy

Client story child wheezing cured by homoeopathy

Homeopathy has good success in solving child related health conditions. As a child grows up he is introduced to many different environments like school, hospitals, play area etc. We cannot predict what he is allergic to before the child catches allergy? Every mother has this question in mind, how do we treat them?

Here is one success story about wheezing. Arun is a 5-year-old healthy and active child but if there is any change in his lifestyles like eating the oily food he catches a cough and cold. His coughing becomes worst and he starts wheezing which further leads to vomiting, less appetite, low energy and dizziness. Initially, they took him to an allopathy clinic where the doctors treated him for wheezing but did not determine as to what was causing it so it relapsed after the treatment was over.

Homeopathy for Cough allergy-consult on healclinic

Arun’s parents decided to try out a different line of treatment and got a reference of a homoeopathy doctor who was experienced in treating allergies. After the initial diagnosis, the doctor told them this health condition is not asthma, it is an allergy which is causing him difficulty in breathing. The homoeopathy doctor started the treatment, the medicines were easy to have once a day at night so that he doesn’t miss his dosage and doesn’t have to carry around. For a kid of his age, it was easy to give them sweet homoeopathy pills. He didn’t feel he was under treatment and Arun’s chronic health condition started improving by every month. Now after three years he is better he doesn’t have to miss his oily food or a short trip to pizza hut.

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