Client Story: Cervical Spondylitis

On 08th of Dec 2015, in the morning as Jeetendra Yadav’s alarm went off, for some reason he found himself unable to get up from his bed. He experienced severe pain in his left shoulder. He had been experiencing a strain on his neck for the last few weeks, and thought that probably that day he had slept on his left shoulder and hence was suffering a muscle spasm. He ignored it for a couple of hours hoping that the pain will go away, but soon the pain became unbearable. So, he visited a general physician in the afternoon and the physician agreed with his analysis and gave him a painkiller injection.

However in the next few days the pain persisted and he decided to go to a hospital, got ECG and blood tests done to rule out any heart related ailment. Since the report came clear, the doctor diagnosed symptomatically and referred him to a neurologist as all the initial symptoms pointed to cervical spondylitis.

The MRI report showed that two discs in the neck had moved causing pain since these were connecting the nerves to the shoulder. He took a second opinion and both neurologists recommended surgery. In Jeetendra’s words, “I could see no other option to relieve me of my pain, hence I prepared myself for the surgery. My family made arrangement to come down from Delhi.”

A colleague of mine repeatedly told me, “Cervical pain is very common, lots of people live with it without surgery. Please don’t go for surgery.” For temporary relief I was recommended to wear a neck band.

A year back, Jeetendra had got a ligament tear which was successfully treated by Dr Gurudutta, an acupuncturist and yoga specialist. So before saying yes to surgery, he decided to give it a try with Dr Gurudutta once.

On the day of his first consultation, Dr Gurudutta heard his entire story, his symptoms, the condition in his words, and all that he had to undergo. On seeing the scans he said, “The scan look bad, but nothing is untreatable. I can try treating you since I have treated worse cases than this.”

So Jeetendra decided to give acupuncture a try. In the first 3 weeks, he went for 3 sittings a week, which gradually reduced to 2 sittings and then 1 sitting a week by the 6th week. Post 6 weeks Dr Gurudutta taught him some specific yoga poses.

Acupuncture is based on the premise that there are patterns of energy flow (Qi) through the body that are essential for healthy living. It is when this flow is disrupted, that diseases surface, and acupuncture helps get this flow back.

In Jeetendra words, “After 3 sittings (1 week), I no longer felt the need to wear the neck band and after 2 weeks totally relieved from the neck pain. In the subsequent weeks, gradually the shoulder pain also started reducing and today after 2 months, I am free of all pain. At times I do feel slight stiffness on my shoulder. But with follow up sessions that last bit should also disappear. This was 110% better than opting for surgery”

His advice to others sailing in the same boat, “Please consult an acupuncturist when faced with something similar immediately. There was no time gap between my diagnosis and treatment with him, hence the issue could be resolved completely in 2 months. If I had gone to him 6 months later the time taken would have been longer.”

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