Client Story: Auto Immune Disorder

Client Story: Auto Immune Disorder

Using magnets on children usually requires a different skill as you need to create a story around the same, once they feel that this is not an inconvenience they would do it again and again without resistance.

Children often respond extremely quickly to treatment, sometimes as early as one or two treatments. Aditi (name changed to protect privacy) is another child who benefited immensely from magnet therapy. Her father told us –

“Aditi was detected with an auto immune disorder when she was only 2 years old, this autoimmune disorder resulted in she getting bilateral Uveitis (attacks the eyes) and JRA(Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis). Over the course of last 10 years she has been treated with topical steroids (eye drops), and heavy oral medicines. The high dosages of steroids caused immense damage to her right eye leading to reduced vision, cataract and secondary glaucoma (Eye pressure is measured in millimetres of mercury. Normal eye pressure ranges from 12-22 mm Hg, and eye pressure of greater than 22 mm Hg is considered higher than normal).

As these medicines were not helping as expected we started her on the next line of treatment which is infusion of biological agent called Infliximab.

Unfortunately the desired effect of remission did not occur but what happened over the last 10 years is low immunity levels, hindered growth and emotional imbalance.

We had reached a level of frustration and desperation as we were seeing no results from any fronts. Over the course of years we used many alternate treatments like homeopathy, pranic healing and reiki which helped managed the illness better and reduce the side effects of medicines.

Then 2 years back we got referred to a magnetic therapy practitioner and started the magnet treatment. He used a combination of magnetic therapy and acupressure.

Our only hope was that if we can at least increase the interval of the infusion by 3-4 weeks. The treatment continued, days turned into weeks and months, and touch wood it was like a miracle; in less than 6 months I observed that Aditi’s eyes became stable and the eye pressure was also inching back towards normalcy.

The big success came in when we stopped her infusion of Infliximab. Most importantly our hospital visits gradually reduced from weekly to monthly to bimonthly.

Along with the magnetic therapy under the guidance of a nutritionist we have also started a special diet which has helped immensely and hopefully moving towards remission of her illness in the next year or so. Besides her illness getting better, a lot of things in our personal life are limping back to normal since our hospital visits have reduced immensely and most importantly her instances of falling ill have greatly reduced. As a family we are now able to do a lot of activities which we could not before. I cannot say that we are there but yes I would like to believe that we are nearly there.”

This is what Aditi had to say about her experience from the treatment “I used to love dancing and playing basketball but couldn’t as my ankle used to get swollen, I started this treatment and for the last one year I have been able to do so without any trouble.”

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