#Wellnessstories: Choice made easier through Tarot Reading

As part of our #Wellnessstories, a client who had taken a tarot reading before deciding her college choices, writes this of her experience,

Choosing one university where I would spend the next four years of my life seemed like a make or break decision when I was in 12th grade filling in my college applications. This decision was made even tougher for the 2020 batch due to the COVID 19 pandemic and the worldwide shutdown.

There were so many questions and choices in my mind; should I take a gap year? Will it be safe to go abroad? Should I stay at home or to another city?

My mom came across Healclinic’s tarot post on Facebook that claimed to give mental clarity on any questions. I almost scoffed at the idea of a deck of cards determining my future. After many eye rolls and my mom’s constant reassurance that it wasn’t too expensive, I gave in and thought there would be no harm in checking it out.

I spoke to the reader on the phone and explained my situation and the confusion that I was in. She asked me specific questions about the situation. We narrowed down my thought spiral into three definite problems. I was pretty surprised when after taking out multiple cards (which I saw through the video) she explained to me what my different options would mean to me, in terms of my future life. She showed me the cards she had removed for my questions, explained what each of them meant to me, and then related them to my situation. It was like listening to someone telling me multiple stories how my life would be if I took each of the options.

So it was not like she told me which college/option to go for, or which choice to make, but her explanation of what each choice would involve for me, helped me make the decision. Her guidance was definitely a deciding factor that helped me make my decision easier. I am now part of a college that I’m pretty sure is the right fit for me and I have tarot reading and Healclinic to thank for that!’

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