#Wellnessstories: Choice made easier through Tarot Reading

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As part of our #Wellnessstories, a client who had taken a tarot reading before deciding her college choices, writes this of her experience, “Choosing one university where I would spend the next four years of my life seemed like a make or break decision when I was in 12th grade filling in my college applications. This … Read more

My first experience with Tarot Reading


We get many questions about tarot reading, from working professionals, housewives, student and parents. Questions can vary between,  how does it work, will it tell my future, will it give me specific dates on when I will get married or when I will get that job, will it help convince my boyfriend/girlfriend to commit to marriage, … Read more

Exam time – Reiki to the rescue for students

Reiki and exams

Reiki (pronounced ‘ray-kee’) is commonly perceived to be a form of spiritual healing. How does this healing help students, lets understand this better? What does exam healing mean? When exams are around the corner or during the exams, parents are hyperventilating as their kids either don’t show any interest in the studies, have poor sitting … Read more

Tips for physical and mental health in exam season

Tips for physical and mental health

When exams are around the corner, children and parents both come under stress. Exhaustive study requirements, improper planning and pressure from parents cause physical and mental problems in children. One should make a timetable and plan the study pattern. Parents should encourage the child and plan for a healthy diet and lifestyle to prevent the … Read more

Reiki for Students

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“My son is intelligent, and used to get good marks, but now has lost interest in studies.” “My daughter is a very good tennis player but in the recent past has lost the motivation to practice and win” Seems similar. Well most of us as parents have faced these issues sometimes or the other.

So, why is the child no longer interested in studies?  Or not motivated enough?

There can be many reasons, two of them being,

  1. Not challenging enough to stimulate the brain, so does not feel like putting in his best
  2. Too much pressure and hence can’t cope up, so decides to give up

We as parents are too invested in them to think beyond and keep getting into arguments and wondering how they can be more interested in that tablet, or the TV serial, and not their future.

So what can be done to help our kids out of these challenges?

Reiki as a therapy to help children deal with these issues is worth exploring especially since it is non intrusive and can be done through distant healing. Most people are surprised, but yes Reiki for students works very well at all levels.

Reiki in such cases works by balancing the chakra’s. Two things happen,

  • The child gets inspired as reiki works at its highest potential at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. When the balance is maintained continuously then the child is also continuously inspired from within and their focus improves, he gets the feeling of being in control and that further motivates him to perform better. The child starts working at optimum levels so is inspired from within as the energy is ‘just right’.
  • The child maybe inspired from within where the external conditions (stress creators like teachers, over ambitious parents or certain situations) only pushes the child to get anxious and under perform. When chakra’s get balanced, the blockages are clearly identified and an awareness created of them. The child will take action to inform what’s stopping his growth or the child will show sublime symptoms of being depressed, anxious or worry, maybe even anger. and at a different level the parents/teacher will have the sensitivity to notice it and understand the child instead of blaming and negatively commenting on the child.

This is just one aspect of the healing. The other aspect is when there is an exam and the energy is balanced via reiki.

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The child does not panic, is more focused and calm so he uses his brains in an optimum manner and in the right direction.

A reiki practitioner always give reiki for the highest good of the client, and so anyone who enters the reiki protection, their energy is pumped up automatically. There is awareness and growth in this reiki energized atmosphere.

Example, Result of the reiki healing. the invigilators who are checking the papers will not put their personal issues and block child’s growth.

Many a times it is noticed, that during reiki healing a clients healing occurs holistically covering all aspects of his life and not just the part for which they had approached the practitioner for healing. Reiki for students works really well when done under an experienced reiki master.

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