Reiki to the rescue of monthly menstrual irregularities

reiki healing for menstrual issues

Women physiology is curiously complex. This is because it is dynamic and changes with different phases of her life. Woman have to undergo physiological stresses in additional to environmental ones affecting men and women and all other creatures. Certain conditions like menstruation, pregnancy, abortions or menopause all are instances of physiological stresses as they put … Read more

Can happiness be achieved using naturopathy?

general health with yoga and naturopathy

The quote health is wealth has never been relevant than right now. These days you get affected by a disease, the health costs are most times unaffordable specifically when conventional medication is followed. Average expenditure per hospitalisation in urban India has reached a range of INR28,000 – 52,000 which is a huge financial drain. Health … Read more

Tips for Hypertension Cure through Naturopathy

naturopathy tips for hypertension

Hypertension is considered to be a lifestyle disease caused by excessive stress, low exercise, and bad eating habits. Eating fast food or processed food can be one of the main the culprits in increasing our chances of getting this disease. Changing eating habits, doing moderate exercises and being happy can help treating this disease. Naturopathy … Read more