All that you want to know about Depression?

stronger than depression

The Dreaded “D” Word Imagine yourself being trapped in a room where the only voice you hear, constantly screams at you saying how hopeless, helpless and unworthy you are. The voice possesses such confidence that it is impossible for you to ignore it. Imagine your entire life without color, just shades of Black and Grey, … Read more

Deal with Depression: 1 in 8 women is suffering

Depression reiki

Statistics from WHO are staggering, nearly 350 million people around the world are depressed. 350 MILLION!! That’s nearly 5% of the world’s population. The statistics are much worse when it comes to women, 1 in every 8 woman is suffering from depression or would develop clinical depression in her lifetime. We lose nearly 800000 people … Read more

Art Therapy- Communicate through Art

Art Therapy

When noted British artist Adrian Hill was convalescing from tuberculosis, he discovered how therapeutic painting was to him. His mind and body were so engrossed while painting, that he for a while forgot about the illness that had weakened his body. He described it as “completely engrossing the mind (as well as the fingers)…..realizing the … Read more