Client Story: Unbearable Pain during Periods

Period Pain cured through Ayurveda

Period pain is something which most women go through. Infact this is a standard sermon given by mothers to their daughters who have reached puberty that this is one pain they have to bear through most part of their life silently. They cannot expect sympathy or the household work to stop just because they are … Read more

Client Story: Mental & Emotional Trauma During IVF/Conceive Post Miscarriage

IVF treatment through healclinic

Yoga is normally associated with exercise and well-being and meditation. But yoga therapy can go far beyond and heal or manage many women with their pregnancy related challenges, if undertaken by an expert. Client Story 1: mental & emotional trauma during IVF treatment Here is a story where Yoga therapy helped as a supporting therapy in the case … Read more

Client Story: Depression Healed Through Reiki

Reiki has been around for decades but the general perception is that it is useful for relieving pains and aches and boosting energy levels only. Whereas in reality, it works at an energy level. It believes that most of the illnesses that occur are actually based on emotional disturbances that our body has experienced either recently or … Read more

Client Story: Auto Immune Disorder Patient on Way To Recovery

healclinic-client story

Using magnets on children usually requires a different skill as you need to create a story around the same, once they feel that this is not an inconvenience they would do it again and again without resistance. Children often respond extremely quickly to treatment, sometimes as early as one or two treatments. Aditi (name changed … Read more