Can tarot card reading help me in health issues?

“Change in the present could make a pleasant tomorrow”

Meet Anjana Iyengar Tyagi from She is an experienced tarot card reader, pranic healer, reiki healer and crystal healer. An Acharya in Palmistry from All India Federation of Astrologers Societies, she also holds a diploma in Counseling from Banjara Academy

Anjana started her career as a hair stylist but wanted to work with people and help them in becoming beautiful internally as well as externally. And so started her divine journey towards healing and holistic health.

She underwent courses in Metaphors of Movement by Andrew Austin, reiki, astrology and specialised in face reading and tarot card reading. Being multifaceted she also dabbles with hypnotherapy, art therapy, CBT and enjoys sacred geometryArt therapy,sacred geometry, and meditation help the clients deal with stress levels.

Her approach towards clients is simple, start a discussion by educating them of the different therapies which can possibly help them so that they take an informed decision. Over the years, she has provided her guidance to clients with health issues, students, professional guidance, couples trying to conceive, people with stress related issues and many more.

Anjana works with clients globally helping them with  tarot reading, counselling, skin care, and distant reiki. She also produces and markets holistic skincare line of products under the brand  “GGREENLADY Divine Skin Care“.  These products are infused with reiki energy hence helping in energy based healing. With Tarot card reading she makes the clients realise their emotions and help themselves.

Message from her to her past and future clients is that health problems are related to emotional aspects of life. She is guided by the universe to connect and channelize the energy through her to heal these issues. Sacred geometry, Art therapy and Meditations are her greatest strengths through which she guides people to overcome their health issues.

Anjana provides video consulting to global clients using the healclinic platform.

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