Business Alchemy: Making sense out of chaos in your business

As healclinic crossed the 30 months mark, we decided to take a pause and relook at the direction we were heading.

When we set upon a goal or start a business we have an aim in mind and based on that decide on the different aspects of the business. Like what should be our services, who should be are customers, which market to target, what kind of employees to hire, where we should be a in years’ time and other aspects.

However, once we get into the day to day operations of running the business, all that goes out of the window. We innovate, strategise and decide the route to take daily depending on what comes up and what is our priority on that given day. Which makes sense since one of the rules of running a business is to be flexible and take advantage of the opportunities which come up.

But most of the days we also end up firefighting, and trying to make sense of the chaos around us.

Hence, I believe that occasionally, it is advantageous to go back to the drawing board and look at what we have achieved, what direction we want to go in the coming years and what are the changes that are acceptable and what are not. This helps not only in ensuring that everyone in the company is on the same page but also in arriving at the future strategies and action plans keeping in mind the reality of today and not yesterday.

And believe me when we did this exercise at healclinic, with the help of one of our own program called Business Alchemy we got some amazing results.

When I had started the company, I had an idea on what I wanted to do. Over the years things changed, new opportunities came up, we were faced with realities of how people function based on all of which today we are in a certain space which is honesty radically different from what we had thought of originally.

No complaints but I think taking a pause and relooking at everything was a good idea. It gave us a perspective on how and why things were as they were and how we would like to do things going forward. We now have a clearer picture of where we want to be in the coming years and what we should focus on and most importantly what we should not focus. There is more clarity.

This also gave us a sense of achievement of how much we have achieved in the last two years, which felt good. As it gave us a peek into the many things that we have created which will now give a base to where we want to head. Based on the exercise, we have now defined what we believe is our target audience, service offerings, kind of partnerships we would like to get into, future offerings and other aspects of the business.

If you would like to do a similar exercise for your business or get a direction before starting a new business, connect with us for our Business Alchemy program.


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