Bursting pre conceived notions – micro-experiments in the hinterland

Who is our ideal client?

Ideal client or Target Group is the first question which is asked by any marketer worth her salt. At a broad level what we at healclinic identify with is – “educated working class staying in metros”

Why? Because they understand the importance of holistic health, and are willing to explore different options. And that is the class of clients whom we have been working with though with its own challenges.

Experiment in the hinterland

A few months back we had an opportunity to address a 100+ audience in Shimoga (a district in Karnataka) on holistic health and different modalities. We did it as an experiment, as we were not actively pursuing this market from a business point of view. But being an entrepreneur one is willing to try out new things and go beyond the comfort zone. We prepared based on our research of the audience and went ahead, giving our best shot but honestly not expecting too much result.

We were in for a big surprise.

The audience hung on to our every word, loved us and today even after 4 months we are getting a steady flow of clients from Shimoga.

What is heart warming is the difference in our interactions with them vis a vis our other clients from the metros. Some of our notions totally got busted,

  1. They trust us when we give them a solution – based on that one talk we gave
  2. They are open to exploring new modalities
  3. They do not negotiate on the prices and make online payments
  4. They are willing to travel the distance if the solution involves going to a practitioner who is based in another city

It really humbled us, not just the trust they showed us but the conversations and invitations to different forums that we got from that ONE TALK.

Biggest learnings for us at healclinic –  never underestimate any client base or approach a client with a pre conceived notions of how they will behave or not behave. Many a times we operate from our own beliefs and end up losing an opportunity which has been staring right at us all the time.

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