About Us

Are we as humans only aligned to medicines and modern treatments or a part of us still believe in traditional medicines and energy healing? Which one of the two is lifestyle based and holistic in nature?

Well, both have their place, and they co-exist. While modern treatments are great at diagnostics and maintenance, however if you are looking at living an emotionally and mentally healthy life, then energy healing is the way forward. Why? As humans we are energy beings and change happens when we start healing ourselves from deep inside.

Our journey started in 2010 when our founder Deepti started looking for answers to a few medical challenges which were beyond modern treatment. In her quest, she realised how most of us are living a life of low potential and possibilities. We get so involved in our day to day struggles that we never look beyond at what is causing these struggles and how to move ahead from them.

Healclinic was born from her passion to provide a platform where users globally can get access to therapies and healing modalities. In line with our vision that each of us operate in our unique way which can change over time, at Healclinic our counsellor’s handhold you through your personal journey.

Deepti has an MBA, brings with vast experience of having worked with large corporates, and is a trained NLP coach as well as a reiki master.

Our Commitment

One of our core values is giving back to society. Healclinic facilitates a few sessions pro bono every month to those who need and are unable to afford at that point. We provide group healings, meditation sessions, and other free resources. We constantly strive to give opportunities to our healers and our partners to move their skills to the next level.

Our Tribe

We are constantly working to grow our tribe, people who want to move towards living a healthy balanced life. Our aim is to touch every global citizen to move towards a life of potential and possibilities. Deep gratitude to healers, clients, partners, and employees who have been part of our journey.

There is a session for everyone. Find out what works for you from our curated list of therapies from our trusted therapists.