What is Healclinic?

Healclinic is a wellness platform which helps you identify your beliefs, blockages, traumas, abuse, memories, past decisions that are not helping you move forward in any area of your life through energy therapies. Our counselor will recommend a healing plan / therapist who is best for you.

What is energy healing?

Energy healing starts from a basic premise that we are all energy beings and responsible for all challenges that we face in our lives. These therapies work with the belief that a person falls ill when something (physical, emotional, or spiritual) is out of balance and hence they target the root cause of the illness as against treating just the symptoms. Therapists believe that all the parts of a human body are interdependent. If any one part is not working properly, all the other parts also get affected and this creates imbalance (physical, emotional, or spiritual) in their lives leading to illnesses.

Some of the energy healing therapies which we offer are reiki, pranic healing, past life regression, theta healing, redikal healing, family constellation, akashic records reading, astrological healing, inner child healing, hypnotherapy, tarot reading, numerology, astrology and many more.  The basic tenet of all these therapies is that the human body is self healing and a person needs to be treated and not the disease.

Why should I opt for these therapies?

The energy healing therapies can be used independently or along with conventional medicines to reduce/eliminate ailments as well as reduce the side effects of long term usage of conventional medicines. They also work on identifying and reducing dis-empowering beliefs, memories which cause these imbalances, trauma and abuse stored in our cells, fears, insecurities carried from the past.

They work on the cause of an ailment rather than the symptom and are more holistic in nature. It uses body’s own power to heal.

How do I know which therapy/healer is right for me?

There are no specializations in energy healing as in conventional medicine since it treats the root of the illness and typically all therapies can help alleviate most ailments to some extent. But there are healers who are more experienced in dealing with a particular type of challenge and/or have researched in a particular area.

Our counselors help you understand how different therapies work, and also based on your challenge recommend a therapy / healer

What is the guarantee that the patient will be cured?

No system of medicine can guarantee a 100% cure, not even conventional medicine. We do not give an guarantee for any specific results

Who gives the likes and reviews to the practitioners?

When a client takes the services of a healer, we send them the review link for that particular healer to give their reviews.

Hence, we encourage you to leave a review after you have visited a healer as that will help other clients to choose right for themselves.


Do I have to pay for using Healclinic services?

The charges quoted for the healing / therapy session is all inclusive. Going forward healclinic may provide value added services which could be chargeable.

Does Healclinic advise or guide on the treatment plan or recommend a healer?

Healclinic is not a medical practitioner and does not advise or provide medical services. The healers on our panel have been selected after due consideration, and though we cannot guarantee results, we can guarantee the credibility of the healers recommended by us. 

Based on the challenges you face, our counselor will recommend a therapy / healer, but if you wish you are more than welcome to do your own due diligence before the session.

Healclinic is not responsible for the treatment methodology and approach of the individual healer.