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Anushree Agarwal

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Languages: English, Hindi.

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  • Personality issues
  • Spiritual Guidance And Empowerment

About Anushree

I believe in Integrated Healing approach to any client or situation. I have learnt many modalities and they have expanded my horizon considerably. I am a Reiki Master, Theta Healer, Redikall Practitioner and Access Consciousness Practitioner by certification. With my own life experiences and spiritual journey, I have developed techniques with which I deal with my clients combining the work of Theta, Angels, understanding of Human anatomy, Dolphins, Whales and the energies of planet and how they work together to empower and heal the person. Any disease is there as a part of Soul Journey and it is easy to eliminate same once the root cause and experience the person has chosen is discovered. This also includes using the light language to access past lives, heal them, heal the molecules and any other trauma/energies and then allow the body to tap into its highest consciousness to self heal. I have healed my own L5S1 and Sciatica with these techniques. I also teach about Raising Consciousness with Angelic Realm, Healing and Raising vibrations with Dolphins, Mermaids and Unicorns, Raising vibrations with Crystals, Using Crystal Grids to expand your consciousness and Working and Healing with Elemental (5 elements). My only objective is to empower you on your Soul Journey and allow life to blossom in its true glory through you. I am also a Channeler and I do channeled Readings and use the same skills to assist you with your own journey of Self development, Empowerment and Healing.

Therapies Offered

  • Dolphin Healing
  • Theta Healing
Reviews for Anushree

Anonymous - 28 Sep 2018

Consulted for Forgiveness Course

‘Healing via Forgiveness’ I took this program online over Whatsapp which initially I was hesitant as I am old school who always thought how can a program not having f2f interaction can lead me to peace! My journey : However accomplished you are in your life there are certain elements which you hold in your conscious and subconscious mind which makes you restless or unfulfilling. This course constantly reminded me that it’s worth to forgive others and specially yourself from all what you have intentionally or unintentionally done in the past. This course opens your heart and soul to higher dimension and perspective in life, knocking your soul to make an effort in your future endeavors to be forgiving to universe and accept / see people as part of a game plan where you as one human is an one important piece. I greatly benefitted not only during the course but even today when I choose what I need to do/say when I get into choices to makes whether on personal or professional front. Anushree has a very professional way in taking people through this course and is approachable for consultation in answering if you get stuck! Just be open and express. Healing comes from within and it’s magical!

Kavita Mallick - 26 Aug 2017

Consulted for Sacral healing grid

I have never seen such beautiful,divine, immensely energized, humongous grid in my life before. I was in awe with it all the time when even I saw it and gratitude to all the masters , goddess, angels and Anushree for the experience. The beautiful and divine powers of the grid surrounded me all the time and accentuated the entire energy around me. May body feeling the awakening in all aspects , lot of emotions came up in some or the other form around my sacral area , felt happy , sad, excited, anxiety, running away, lonely and other emotions too. I have found myself profoundly and a new desire in life. In short It's like magic been felt ...lots of love and gratitude to you Anu

Shveka sachdeva - 19 Aug 2017

Consulted for Business and many other personal things

Hi guys good morning Wanted to share something The day anu put out a message for personalised grid .... I asked her for a grid for something that I was chasing in my business..... the grid was on for almost two weeks and a lot of magic happened over this period Felt the universe helping us to achieve what we set out SO wanted to tell everyone here that personalised grids really really help Any a looottttttt of gratitude girl..... love the way u do things Gratitude Gratitude Gratitude to you and everybody who contributed for Sapphire Rank

Sohini Bagchi - 16 Aug 2017

Consulted for Healing

I have never understood healing via grids till i got the heart chakra grid healing by Anushree. When the grid got activated it felt so intense and I felt so much pain in my heart , like a stone pressing it. Anushree guided me through and it took me time for the clearance. I never knew i had so much pain locked up . Soon I could just let go and expand my heart. I felt light. A sense of forgiveness and immense love filled me. I felt way much expanded . Was an experience that left me in total belief of what power grid healing has.

Sunil Bhatia - 16 Aug 2017

Consulted for Throat Chakra Grid

have been a tortoise my entire life. Beauty in me - but preferred to remain hidden in my shell. I would allow my judgments of other people's judgments to steer me away from joy. I failed to express my self in a way that brought joy to other people. I did not let the flow happen. I blocked it completely. The grid has brought in a lot of change. Old and strong patterns started to peel away and the original ME started to emerge. I won't say that I have completely stopped caring about other people's judgments - I still do. Just that it does not bother me in any way. I am no longer scared to be noticed and seen. While meditating on the grid, I had tears... of joy... of liberation as I was no longer trapped under numerous layers that finally got peeled. The grids have brought out a lot in me and also replaced it with Divine in me. Past emotions, feelings of hurt and betrayal. Feeling of not loved or cared for, feeling of being burnt alive for healing people in my past lives. This grid has opened me up in words that I cannot explain. I was always in hiding - but now I have opened up where I don't fear people's judgment. I have laughed, cried and felt blissful. Thank you for the energies you have poured in and filled us all. May the Divine bless you and may we always find you in the Divine's heart. God Bless you! This is something I will subscribe to again when Anu conducts it!

Sudha Murari - 16 Aug 2017

Consulted for Throat chakra grid work

Anushree's work is not of this realm. It's beyond conceptualization! It's pure magic. Her grids are such a beauty to behold. We are just lovingly drawn to it by the sacred space of the divine energies , it creates . The grid work helped me to be aware of the limitations I had placed on myself through past contracts. Anu then gently guided me through the emotional and physical transition my body and I was going through. Barriers broken, I am more vulnerable now and lots of awarenesses are showing up. More Clarity and ease with life and living are showing up . Anushree is a wonderful compassionate soul. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking any kind of change in their lives.

Shwetambera - 16 Aug 2017

Consulted for Grid for expansion and integration of energies in the chakras

Being connected to the grid helped me identify and resolve so many contradictions that I was struggling with. When I joined the grid, I was in a rather bad phase of life, with so much going on and very little clarity. And there was a constant sinking feeling of hopelessness. As the days progressed, even though the circumstances around me remained the same, the clarity within me improved. Moreover, I felt stronger to deal with what came in front of me. ..above all, thanks Anushree for being so loving and caring. It reflects in the work that you do and the miracles you create for us.


  • B.F.Tech(Fashion) from National Institute of Fashion Technology

  • Karuna Reiki

  • Reiki

  • Redikall Healer

  • Access bar facilitater

  • Basic DNA Theta Healing