7 Years Experience

Chennai, Chennai, India

Anita Khanna

(9 reviews)

Languages: English, Hindi, Tamil.

  • Expert in Solving

    • Emotional Issues
    • Psychological Aliments

    About Anita

    Experienced practitioner in reiki and theta healing with deep emphasis on emotional and mental healing. I felt the need for more understanding between spiritual and religious world.

    Therapies Offered

    • Crystal Therapy
    • Karuna Reiki
    • Reiki
    • Sujok Therapy
    • Theta Healing
    Reviews for Anita

    Kanchana - 01 Nov 2017

    Consulted for Healing depression and negative thoughts

    I found Anita to be excellent. She scanned my aura and told me what needed to be addressed and how it can be achieved and how she plans to go about it. This also included equipping me with the necessary tools. With hand holding throughout the week long session I was able to see marked changes and improvement in the skill sets. Thank you dear and God bless. Kanchana

    Pushpa Mopur - 02 Oct 2017

    Consulted for Anxiety and Stress

    I'm fortunate to get help from a healer, who is so passionate in helping clients. I've learnt to deal with my stress and anxiety in a different way.... The first thing I could do after starting my sessions, is to LOVE MYSELF. Anita takes a lot of time LISTENING , that caring nature has made me go back to her for all my physical and mental issues. Thank You Anita!

    Ritu Akshay kumar - 25 Sep 2017

    Consulted for Depression

    One of the best and the wisest and kindest healer ....always available to help with her healing and a ear to hear all issues ...all the best

    Priya mehra - 24 Sep 2017

    Consulted for Learning Reiki

    With the help and guidance of my Reiki master Anita khanna, i am seeing life in a positive perspective. I feel so energetic and happy all the time. I practice Reiki regularly and am so thankful to have taken the course. Anita is so easily approacable when I feel low and she quickly gets me back on track. I am so indebted to have Anita as my friend and as my Reiki master.

    Pooja mehra - 24 Sep 2017

    Consulted for Reiki classes

    Thanks for the lovely experience Anita...it has helped me a lot..... practicing reiki makes me energised....u r a lovely and well deserved master.

    Geeta Arora - 23 Sep 2017

    Consulted for Holistic approach to health

    Getting guidance & treatment from madam Anita has changed my perspective towards life,AN EXCELLENT REIKI & THETA TEACHER guiding with patience personally as well online. I am truly thankful& blessed being her student as well

    Kashish Khanna - 23 Sep 2017

    Consulted for Reiki

    It was a beautiful experience learning reiki.. a wonderful teacher.. explained the technique with no doubts in us... it was an opening to r inner world.. every meditation helps me to learn more about myself. Gratitude to my teacher for helping me become a better person.. a teacher who had always guided me in all ways. God bless

    Aditi Malik - 23 Sep 2017

    Consulted for Anxiety

    Apart fm being a wonderful person,Anita is a wonderful healer,which makes it all the more beneficial.her advice has been very helpful.god bless

    Jai - 23 Sep 2017

    Consulted for Social issues

    Great counsellor !! Motivates you through her guidance. Sparks a positive feeling inside your heart and makes you feel happy ! :))


    • Certified Karuna Reiki from Magick Of Healing

    • Certified Crystal Course from Magick Of Healing

    • Advanced Theta Healing from THINK

    • Grand Masters in Reiki from Reiki Centre Of India

    • Certified in Sujok Acupressure Meridian Course from Art Of Healing