About Us

Our journey started in 2010 when someone close who was suffering from an auto immune disorder and not getting relief from conventional line of treatment; wanted to look at alternative therapies.

We struggled, made several phone calls to friends, families and acquaintances and searched the internet, before we could get some practitioner connects. The next step was how do we gauge the credibility, will the practitioner be able to diagnose right, give the appropriate treatment and have a reasonable success rate. Again the practitioner would have to be close to home for easy access.

Healclinic was born in December 2015 to help create credible, verifiable and accessible choices in the area of alternative healthcare.

Core team

Deepti Arora

Deepti is an MBA in finance and a NLP coach. She has extensive experience in strategy, operations and client delivery. She has a family history of success stories in alternate therapy and strongly believes in the power of holistic healing. healclinic.in is her attempt to connect clients (online or offline) with alternative therapy practitioners.

Shrinivas Prabhu Mulki

Shrinivas has over 19 years of experience in Enterprise Solutions, Product Development, Project Management, Global Delivery Management and Business Operations. He is responsible for healclinic.in technology ecosystem.

Advisory panel

Umashankar Vishvanath
Business & Strategy Advisor

Umashankar is the chief mentor to the healclinic.in leadership team. He brings years of experience and having worked in leadership positions in leading enterprises, guides in business modeling. He has been instrumental in expanding our canvas, new partnerships and new markets.

Dr Chaitanya Shridhar
Psychologist and Reiki/Theta Healer

Dr Chaitanya is a Sports & Performance Psychologist who works with international and national level sports people. She has combined her keen interest in energy based healing along with psychology to empower sports players and their performance, to achieve her dream of ‘India emerging as a Sporting Power’ in the true sense.

Yoga Practitioner

Asharaj is Msc in yogic sciences and specializes in women related illnesses. She offers a combination of Patanjali, Ashtanga Yoga, Bihar school of yoga and BKS Iyengars yoga.

Dr Shubhamangala Acharya
Ayurveda Practitioner

Dr Shubhamangala is a classical Ayurveda practitioner whose practice is based on Ayurveda manuscripts like Chararaka, Samhita, Sushruta, Samhia. She belongs to a family of Ayurveda doctors and has nearly 20 years of experience.