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Tarot Reading


Have you ever wanted to read tarot but thought that you need to have a special gift which you did not have?

Not anymore. Learn tarot cards and do yours and others readings.
A 3 days class where you will learn under an experienced Tarot reader. 
– Basics of Tarot reading
– Meaning and hidden secrets of the cards
– How to develop your intuition?
It will be one to one class based on individual requirement. 
Facilitator: Rajeshwari 
When: At your convenient dates and time
Where: Banashankari, Bangalore



Access Bar Class


Access  Bars are the basic processes, discovered by Gary Douglas Founder and Dr Dain Heer Co Founder of Access Consciousness, to unlocking the limitations blocking you from living life abundantly.

These are amazing 32 points on the head that can clear the crap in your life! Issues related to money, relationships, body, health and many many others can be addressed and more consciousness and awareness is a result. This one day class empowers you to live your life with more choices and possibilities than you would ever have imagined.


  • You will live life with more ease and joy
  • Remain calm and relaxed with a better sense of well-being
  • Re-energized and looking forward for each day with zeal
  • Re-navigate your life that is more empowering for you


Where: Vijaya Bank Layout, Behind IIMB, Bengaluru. Timing : 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

Energy Exchange : INR 13,000/- / Repeaters: Rs. 6500/-

Children ages (16-18 years) Rs. 6500 / Children below 15 years if accompanied by a participating adult – Gift



Prosperity Expansion Grid

7 days Grid

Tap into the energies of expansion and expand the avenues of Prosperity within you. Allow the energies to expand your receiving in all areas of your life. 
Prosperity Expansion Grid – A grid that expands your avenues, possibilities and mindset about money, wealth, property, prosperity and abundance in your life. 
A grid that magnifies that joy of being prosperous and allows you to choose more for you. More in your relationships, more in your choices wrt money, more in your life that makes you.
You may be wondering, if I have x amount of money in my bank account, do I still need it. We would say, yes, you do. 
Prosperity is a mindset. Its a belief and a energy pool within you. There can be hundred different avenues of making money in your life or receiving money that you have been avoiding. And once opened, you may either stop worrying about what you have and don’t have, or end up creating sources and pools to life your life joyfully. Whatever is required for you will work for you.  
Facilitator: Anushree Aggarwal
When: 7 days grid (group of 5+)
Where: online
Energy Exchange: 12000 INR / 225 USD 


Chakra Abundance Meditation


Basic Reiki Chakra 42 Days Abundance Meditation Course
(6 week online Chakra abundance meditation course)

– Chakra Abundance meditation 
– Email support
– Homebased (self paced) immersive program
– Free energy assessment questionnaire before you undertake the program
– Focussed on Chakra clearing, healing, balancing, and manifesting abundance in all areas

Facilitator: Ranjini Rao

When: from the time you regsiter for 6 weeks
Where: Online ( recorded meditations and email support)
Energy Exchange: INR 3500 /  USD 75


Business Creation-Fertility Grids

Anytime Online

Fertility is the space where Creation reveals itself easily.
You, me, a baby, a project, an idea, what we do, business, relationships – all are creations.

It’s a space that exists in both men and women to create and bring the Universe together in one form or other.

Fertility Grids can benefit
– Women who are looking at having a baby 
– Men who are looking at expanding their creativity 
– Business projects that are looking at expanding 
– Growing up kids in developing their skill set 
– A person looking at starting a setup, book, business, venture and looking for clarity and focus there 
– People looking at spiritual expansion of their being 
Grids work 24×7 on a person for chosen dates help in bringing what is blocking a particular issue to surface – the deep seated beliefs, emotions, patterns and with help of supporting decrees, helps in clearing it. It’s important that the person choosing it is willing to repeat the decree and trust the process of grids.

If you are looking for an individual grid or a follow up grid post the group healing, we can do that also.

Facilitator: Anushree Aggarwal
Where: online
Energy Exchange: Depending on the grid you choose


Fertility Reading

Anytime online

It is possible for every woman who desires to be a mother to be one!!

Many a times the inability to conceive stems from emotional reasons rather than physical issues.

Fertility Readings:

  • Identify deep rooted issues that cannot be treated medically like energetic locks, curses
  • Beliefs that prevent pregnancy
  • Emotional trauma related to parenting and childbrith
  • Provide you with solutions available in alternate therapies through indepth fertility readings


Facilitator: Bhavna Bhalla

When: Reading provided in writing
Where: Online 
Energy Exchange: INR 4,000 / USD 75

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