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500+ friends on FB. Yet feeling lonely & depressed?
Nearly 350 million people around the world are depressed, you are not alone. Yoga and reiki can help.
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Having medicines for PCOS, yet mood swings, weight gain?
1 in 15 women suffer from PCOS. Yoga, diet and reiki can help without any side effects.
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Customised treatment | 100% confidential | Qualified experts | Anytime Anywhere Yoga treatment for PCOD, depression treatment using reiki, online Tarot Card Reading, Tarot Reading for marriage issues, Past Life Regression or even healing of pets by Reiki – healclinic offers it all. Register Now!!

Customised treatment | 100% confidential | Qualified experts | Anytime Anywhere Yoga treatment for PCOD, depression treatment using reiki, online Tarot Card Reading, Tarot Reading for marriage issues, Past Life Regression or even healing of pets by Reiki – healclinic offers it all. Register Now!!

featured therapies

Online Yoga Consultation Eg. Yoga exercises for thyroid - Yoga treatment for PCOD - Beginner Yoga classes
Distance Reiki Healing Eg. Pet reiki healing - Healing depression with reiki - Space clearing with reiki
Tarot reading
Online Tarot Card Reading Eg. Tarot Reading for marriage issues - Tarot Readers for Exams - Career Guidance
Online Past Life Regression Eg. Past Life Regression Treatment for depression - online past life regression consultants
Online Theta Healing - Eg. Online Theta Healing for Depression - Resolve Marriage issues by Theta Healing

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Our counselor will recommend a practitioner based on your requirement. Ex. Reiki or Theta healing or Yoga or an integrated plan

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Our practitioner will create a customised treatment plan just for you. Ex. Personalized yoga training for weight loss / pre natal



Pay for the plan and schedule online treatment or clinic visit. Ex. Reiki for pets / depression / relationship /business healing

Most recent articles

online tarot reading

Tarot card reading reunites the family

In most people’s minds, “Tarot card reading” means a woman in flowing robes, leaning over a small table in a candlelit room, foretelling impending doom. But that’s not the truth. Tarot originally began as a game called Tarrochi sometime in the late 14th century. But lately Tarot reading has become a powerful tool to understand

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Sugar control without medicines – Is Reiki the answer?

Incidence of diabetes is increasing rapidly among urban women in India. Prevalence of the disease condition is over 18% among urban middle class women. How do we stop this epidemic, and save our brethren? This is a classic case where reiki helped a middle-class woman in Shimoga. Geetha is a 58-year-old woman, suffering from diabetes from the past

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dolphin healing

Clear your energy blocks through Dolphin Healing

Dolphin Healing Transmission is one of the unique opportunities for any living soul to experience the balance of water – the emotional and mental body in an individual. Dolphins work both in ether (akashic space) just like Angels and in physical space to contribute to the ecological and energetic balance of the planet. In order to do

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Clients Speak

Online Healing through Grids

Being connected to the grid helped me identify and resolve so many contradictions that I was struggling with. When I joined the grid, I was in a rather bad phase of life, with so much going on and very little clarity. And there was a constant sinking feeling of hopelessness. As the days progressed, even though the circumstances around me remained the same, the clarity within me improved. Moreover, I felt stronger to deal with what came in front of me. ..above all, thanks Anushree for being so loving and caring. It reflects in the work that you do and the miracles you create for us - Shwetambera

Theta Healing for Space Clearing

Meeting Neelu changed my life forever, for the better. The kind Of positivity and well being that came to my life after my sessions with her, is incredible. She did some fabulous energy work with two of my homes and has been instrumental in my journey into theta. I would recommend her any day. Not only is she a good healer and clairvoyant, but she is also a very warm and genuine person. I am grateful to know her. - Rupal

Yoga for infertility

Asha’s yoga training helped myself and my husband to a great extent in having a baby. Based on medical reports, doctors had mentioned that there was very less chance of we having a baby. This brought us to consult Asha and we strongly believe that Asha’s efforts on training us on Yoga; her positivity and counseling helped us in having a baby. Asha is not only an expert Yoga Instructor but also a good human being. She has a listening ears and a very good heart to help others in healing their pains through Yoga and other healing techniques - Sunitha

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